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    How important is the basics in your art? The tendency is, not much people gives importance to this mainly because humans likes to covet. We like what we see and we covet and a good example are techniques and applications. People like to acquire this to the detriment of proper execution. If possible please expound your explanations. We already know that the basics are the foundation in one's art.

    Like in our art Tabimina System, there are 6 levels in our art, 5 among which the students can possibly attain, the last level remains within the family. The basics are introduced in level 1, but the basics is also the level 5 of our art. The emphasis is just different, because you don't realize that it exist during the beginning phase. However once, understanding falls into place, the basics are seen in a different light, which multiplies the effectivity and/or efficacy of everything you've known thus far. In my case after I have learned the basics in the 5th level, I have noticed my skill level increased tremendously and the knowledge acquired before has also multiplied a hundred fold because it opened new avenues and possibilities are endless.
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    Grandmaster Angel Cabales always said the Basics are whats going to save your ass in a fight. Grandmaster Vincent Cabales Teaches the same way you cant move on without perfect basics another good ol saying practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect fighters.

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