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  1. Imua Kuntao

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    Greetings. I want to thank PGMikeB for the warm welcome last nite at his class here in San Antonio. His Students brought a smile to my face and I enjoyed the class, Thanks Mike.
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    Mike is good people, I have trained with him from time to time over the last couple of years before I came back overseas, but our association in the martial arts has extended for more than 10 yrs.. Mike knows his stuff and is one of the few people I can call a friend in the IMA/FMA community..

    Imua, did you happen to study IMUA Kuntao with Philip Davies or am I mistaken.. Mike can tell you a little about my kuntao training and hopefully we can have a discussion about the differences that won't escalate into the flame war of last..
  3. Imua Kuntao

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    No I studied with Lino Rodriques.

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