Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to say hello and introduce myself.

Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by RonaldWeekley, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Hello friends:

    My name is Ron Weekley. I am a 55 year old man who once long ago came accross the wonderful life of FMA. However I was young and we were poor and there were no instructors close to us.

    After doing alot of research about various Martial Arts for the last 8 months, I selected FMA as the one best for me. The reason I selected FMA has as much to do with the functionality of the art as it does with its culture history and family based significance.

    I cannot tell you just how many emails I wrote to various FMA groups, instructors and gurus, but I would estimate somewhere close to 50. I narrowed my interest in FMA down to Lameco and finding an instructor close to me in the Los Angeles area.

    It was through this effort that the name Roger Agbulos was given to me and I wrote to him. What makes this very important to me is that after writing to Roger, he actually called me directly...he did not send an email back. When I sent out my multible emails with them I sent out the spirtual request that my words and heart felt inquiry would be received by an instructor who really felt and understood what I was trying to communicate. Well, when Roger called I was convinced that such an instructor I had found or perhaps he had found me.

    I have not had the opportunity to meet Guru Agbulos personally yet, but there are plans to do so next week and I look forward to the future as I learn FMA and begin to integrate it into my living as father, man, friend, role model.

    So, I thank the FMA community who received my emails, questions and concerns with a open and warm heart...and most importantly led me to guru Agbulos.

    I say to each of you.....Be well in all things.

    Ron Weekley
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    Welcome! I have met Mr. Agbulos and he is a warm man and a great practitioner and instructor. I still use a couple of his tricks!

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