Thank you DTS Family!

Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by NAGA, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. NAGA

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    Hello Family,
    I wanted too start by apologizing for being slow to respond and talk with everyone. So if you can accept my apologies please do so...
    Nevertheless, I really need to express to the larger FMA community what a great group of people we have in the DTS family. First of course is Grand Tuhon Tortal whom is every bit the true example of what it means too be a Martial arts Grandmaster, he stand as our example. Next is Mike Snow, and Mitch Mayberry my seniors whom lead the way. Also on the East coast are the Williams clan whom do so much it is incredible. Also I cannot foget Matt Bates and of course Joy Tortal for all they are doing.

    Up in Canada (eh?) is Shuan milo whom I can attest too personally is a great guy, and down on the other end of the map we have Stephen Shy whom I am proud too call a brother in DTS....... If I forgot you please chime in !! So a hardy THANK YOU to all of my DTS family for your support and examples of kidness and Martial excellence.

    Thanks everyone,
  2. Kali Cowboy

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    It will be nice to see you again at Nagasulong.
    God Bless,
  3. medic

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    John, when I got to meet the DTS family I was blown away by the skill and patience of these people, especially GM Nene. Your hospitality and acceptance at the seminar was wonderful, you have a great club to work with. Once again I want to offer my thanks to the people who took the time and were very patient with me and the corrections they gave me. Not only GM Nene but Mike Snow and John Bednarski who always seemed to appear when I was struggling the most. My two training partners at the seminar, Karl Starke from Germany and Stephen Shy from Florida showed exceptional patience and with previous experience in DTS helped me get over some of my previous bad habits.

    You would be hard pressed to find a better family than the DTS Family.If you can make any of the remaining seminars with GM Nene in the US it will be well worth your time.

  4. silat1

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    You forgot the red headed step child out in the Pacific.. I am in better health now and ready to start slamming and jamming when my guys get in later this month... I will call you John with the up dates and Mike Snow, if you don't mind, PM me your phone number so I can make contact with you and let you know what is going on as far as things this side of the Pacific..

    John, The rattan will be out this week... I have to box it up and get it to the post office... Will keep you informed.
  5. R. Mike Snow

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    It was my pleasure to put my two pesos in. That's what it is all about. Working as a family to preserve the system intact. Out for each other and notfor our selves. With one primary goal in mind.


    Thank you for the help Bro........ I am glad you are up and running again to fuel and feed your addition and ours. LOL


    I find it quite overwhelming how not just our DTS family have bumped in there to back you up to continue your hard work and unselfish goals. So I personally want to thank the greater FMA and IMA communities of the Midwest, NE and SE United States for contnuing on your quest for sharing knowlege and displaying brotherhood so we can all continue to grow.

    I truly feel that the advice we have been given to grow and excell by GT Nene, Pendakar Nagaraheem, Datu Hartman and Mushtaq Ali individually has been nothing short of a Blessing.

    God Bless, Mike

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