Testa--Brazilian Knife Style.

Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by arnisador, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. arnisador

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  2. Brock

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    Interesting. Looks like FMA with Capoeria mixed into it.
  3. PG Michael B

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    interesting....the cat noise is odd as is the stance...but it is hard to judge from a small snippet on youtube.
  4. Brock

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    There's a cat noise!?! I was watching the clips with the sound off, but now I gotta' go watch it again.
  5. arnisador

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    Yeah, I had the sound off too. I thought it was interesting--some things I liked and others less so.
  6. shootodog

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    strange, i thought testa is an african martial art (not brazilian). noted for it's headbutts, near acrobatic punching and kicking and it's use of long sticks.
  7. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I know no more about it than what I posted above, so perhaps this is so!
  8. sneaky

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    LOL, good stuff.

  9. shootodog

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    Excerpts of www.planetcapoeira.com's Interview with Contra Mestre Preto Velho/ (Dennis Newsome)

    Lets take the Navalha* (Straight Razor) for example. In Capoeira depending who’s methodology you observe it will be utilized in the hand only or in the hands and feet or in the hands, feet and mouth.
    *Navalha is the brazillian equivalent of navaja spanish knife fighting ~ shooto

    There is a Kalenda style (stick fight/dance found in the U.S. and Caribbean South America under the same or different names) that resembles the Maculele in Brazil imagine Maculele done much more fight like. I know a little of this style of Kalenda and I practice the Maculele that is in Brazil and in my opinion they are the same thing except that this two stick Kalenda method has retained more of the fight than Maculele. There is also a Kalenda that is done with two sticks except that the sticks are clasped in the middle of the sticks. Just like the defense stick is held in Zulu Impi (Zulu Stick fight) or like the way of some Ethiopian stick fighters.

    The old Capoeira method that relied heavily on head butting and utilized kicking is very similar to the methods in the deep south of the United States, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Grenada. In modern Capoeira the feet are far and beyond the main weapon. The Cabecada is on the back burner in today’s jogo. I do Reisy or Testa, which is Eritrean Head butting and to me in comparing the butting of Capoeira and the butting of Reisy I consider Reisy inside butting and Capoeira outside butting which probably wont make any sense except to another butter.
  10. shootodog

    shootodog New Member

    after thinking it over, the man's name is Antonio Flavia Testa. his knife fighting is called "jungle knife fighting".
    my bad.
  11. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Thanks for all this info.! I wish there was an (English-language) book on the subject.

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