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    OK, after getting some further Informations and clarifications from GM Nick Elizar, an updated Summary:

    So we have four major Organisations now, that came out of the Teofilo Velez Line...

    1. "World Original Teovels Balintawak Arnis Group" Including:
    Chito Velez (Green Chapter), Monie Velez (Blue Chapter), Eddie Velez (Violet Chapter), Winnie de la Rosa (Brown Chapter) and Nonato (Nene) Gaabucayan (Gold Yellow Chapter), Ernesto "Joe" Cavan (Pink Chapter)
    Training/Teaching at: Ayala Park, Cebu City every Sunday; Nene Gaabucayan teaching in Southern California.
    URL: http://wotbag.multiply.com/
    URL: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm...ID=132 799587

    2. "World Nickelstick Eskrima Club - Balintawak Style" including:
    Nick Elizar (White Chapter), Bobby Elizar (Orange Chapter).
    Teaching at: 84-y Cabantan St, Brgy. Luz, Cebu City. (Nick Elizar) and in Englis,V.Rama Avenue, brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City (Bobby Elizar & Joe Cavan)
    Also conducting Training for all Chapters of the Club every Sunday at Ayala Park, Cebu City.
    URL: www.nickelstickeskrima.com / www.nickelstick.de

    3. The International Balintawak Cuentada Arnis Eskrima headed by
    Bobby Taboada (Red Chapter*)
    Teaches at: Charlotte, North Carolina (and conducting Seminars around the World...)
    URL1: http://www.worldbalintawak.com/

    URL2: http://www.internationalbalintawak.com/

    *Never officially used or accepted by GM Bobby Taboada

    4. "Teovel Balintawak Self-Defense Club, Inc." headed by:
    Teofilo V. Roma (Yellow Chapter)
    Teaches at: Basak, Mandaue City, Cebu
    URL: http://e.domaindlx.com/teovelbalintawak

    Faustino (Tonying) Patalinghug (Purple Black Chapter)
    Is Located in Mactan.
    So far, no further Training or Contact Information available...

    Romeo de la Rosa - Black Chapter

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    In New England we call ourselves The Providence Pak Gang. Please, anyone interested in Balintawak in New England please contact me.

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