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Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by balintwak_eskrima, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Thanks! It's great to have these.
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    yep.. great stuff!!
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    Master Gaabucayan is a great teacher and arnisador. Man, we had fun hosting him in Pleasanton with his students Ric Mitchell and Francis Smith. Hope to get them back here sometime next year.
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    Thanks everyone for keeping Balintawak alive. Train, evolve and innovate... Happy New Year!!!
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    now that we know how to post videos on here...

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    how did you do it!!!
  10. gold_chapter

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    This is all under FAQ.

    For youtube videos (yt)value(/yt), but instead of parenthesis use brackets [..]


    The value is everything after that equal sign, so just copy GCk341_5_CA

    (yt)value(/yt) ---> GCk341_5_CA (value) -----> and you get this:

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    Those poor coconuts! I liked the inserted live hand slap and punch in the stick sparring.
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    Master Nene's demo in Vallejo on 6.30.07

    During the Gathering of the Warriors seminar sponsored by GM Emil Bautista of Team NorCal's KSDI, Master Nene gave a demonstration of Teovel Balintawak.
    This was my first time seeing Balintawak Arnis. I myself was very impressed and in awe of Master Nene's speed and control.

    His demonstration of Balintawak was informative and very enjoyable!

    I also had the good fortune & honor of meeting Master Nene through one of his students Mike(Thanks Mike!). Master Nene was very open and down to earth. Thanks again for your time Master Nene.

    I look forward to perhaps one day learning the basics of Balintawak.

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