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  1. ..well, Metro Manila actually.

    I have just started a new blog.

    Here is an excerpt from an article I just wrote about taxis:

    I'm sure some of you on this forum have experienced the above....

    My new blog is here btw:

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    Simon, That is why we always have family members there with a van when ever we are in country.. None of the above reasons apply to them, well with the exception of we are hungry.. It never fails, always have to stop by Mc Do or Pizza Hut when we are on the road there.. Oh well, that means a cooler full of sandwiches on the next trip there..
  3. I hear you Bill - definitely the way to travel.

    We had that a while ago but my father-in-law sold the van due to money problems.

    The price of used automobiles here (150k - 200k er.....about $3,000 for something half-decent) means that I can't afford one for some time.
  4. silat1

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    Know how that is.. One member of my wife's family had a square back volkswagen for over 20 yrs and last time I rode in it, I had to get out and push it to get it started.. Kinda hard to maintain your security facade when you are pushing a green VW in a barrio where you aren't supposed to be.. But this was during the late 80s when the sparrow squads of the NPA were running the streets..
  5. Heard it was bad back then. Am very lucky it has settled down (for the most part).

    Reminds me of a story that I almost put in.

    I was coming back from training and we got a tricycle to a garage to get a taxi...
    The taxi wouldn't start. It was beat up like most of them. He had to get the guys pumping gas to push. I might have helped too (can't remember!)

    When we eventually got to our destination I remember him asking for more money due to having to get the car push started....

    They never cease to amaze me.
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    I remember riding in a Jeepney between Olongapo and Subic City when the driver took a side road. My girl friend pulled out a balisong and held it to the drivers neck. She told him that he was not going to rob us. He told her she should mind her own business- that's when she put it to his throat and he pulled back on the main road. Gotta love jeepney drivers too.....
  7. Wow. You just don't mess with a Filipina. Hope you didn't get the wrong side of her!
  8. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    actually, I enrolled her into the Kuntaw class at the Linda theater. She was pretty fiesty. My lil body guard....
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    I'm sure you have probably already done this but will say anyways. Have you tried just getting in when the taxi stops and once inside ask if their meter works then tell them where you are going?
  10. Ha!

    They want to know the destination before we step foot in the taxi. I've even taken to hiding a bit (behind bushes / poles) and as the taxi comes and letting my wife handle the initial negotiations. Once they agree the fare I appear as if by magic.

    As you know, we live in "Farview" so must taxi drivers don't want to go there. Once in Mabini we successfully got into a taxi after an hour wait. "Finally!" I thought. The driver must have had a rethink as 2 minutes later he told u that his windscreen wipers didn't work and that we had to get out!

    Still, it could be worse. They could try to rob us as happened to others recently and like in Buzz's story.
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    In the early 90s when i was in college, i spent 2 months in Mexico City. It's not much different there. If they know you arent a local, they try to rip you off by "taking a shortcut" or overcharging. Like the PI, you disregard the meters and negotiate a set fee. Lucky for us, our hosts did the negotiating.

    They also taught us how to haggle like a local using the correct verbiage. If you remain adamant, you can get a ride at a fairly low cost. Cuz 1 thing is for certain, they would rather make a little money than non at all. There were plenty times where a driver would just agree especially once you opened the door and proceeded to step out. As it was common for another taxi to pull up behind, just waiting to get your business.
  12. It's a fair point - and I've heard Mexico City is well sketchy.

    To quote from my blog though:

    I have no explanations why a taxi driver would pull over, hear where we want to go and then say "I can't. I haven't eaten yet". Or, "No. I'm not going that way". One can only assume they don't want the business. Or they are looking for something that complies better with their idea of being a taxi driver.

    Yes, you can try and be adamant but will probably get the driver's constant moaning for the entire journey and driving like a madman. I forget how many times I've told the taxi to pull over and let us out. We have actually gotten out of the taxi a few times. Others we wish we had.

    Once we got picked up at 10pm from playing pool at a regular haunt / journey. We get in the taxi and it moves off and he starts playing his games. We ask to get out and he agrees to the meter and drives on. When we got to our destination (some 10 minutes away) he calls my wife "Pangit" because she did not pay the additional fee he wanted.

    Now, I know that word and am sat behind the driver with 2 pool cues in my hand with several alternatives racing through my mind. I just reasoned the sight of a foreigner hitting a taxi driver with a pool cue opposite a crowded "Lechon Manok" place complete with seated Red Horse drinkers wouldn't look so good. My wife retorted to the taxi driver that he was hardly Brad Pitt and we got out. She was upset for the rest of the evening.

    Like I said, not life and death but until we can afford a car a definite annoyance.

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