Tatang video question.

Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by CincoTeros, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. CincoTeros

    CincoTeros New Member

    Does anyone here know who the long curly-haired asian guy is on the youtube video that has tatang and an american guy in the background (who almost got his toes cut off)? Does he teach KI? If not, what does he teach? Was just wondering.
  2. tim_stl

    tim_stl Junior Member

    that's maestro sioc glaraga. i believe he teaches kalaki arkanis, which is his own style.


    RETIRADA New Member

    Met Sioc Glaraga once in Cebu City and once in Manila in 1994. He has some unique movements.
  4. CincoTeros

    CincoTeros New Member

    Thanks for the info...

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