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    I was looking at the Nov. 2006 issue of Tactical Knives magazine recently. There was an article on fast-opening (that is, assisted-opening) CRKT knives and another that I found interesting on Italian-made Kukri variants. Another article discussed the MA-1 from Miltner Adams. I liked the look of this blade! I'd also like a better look at its "SHARPENING ON DEMAND" sharpen-inside-the-handle method.

    I'm usually not so interested in knife magazines. They tend to focus on technical, rather than tactical, matters, and I am both not very knowledgeable about the science and art of knife-making and also much less interested in it. But what caught my eye, and caused me to look at this and then a couple of other knife magazines, was the article mentioned at the very top of the cover: "STREET SMARTS: FIGHTING BACK: Beating a Hard-Core Attacker!" Thinking this would be about the tactical use of the weapon, I picked up the magazine. The article was by Kevin Martin of Bando but I found it much too general to be of interest to me. It may well have been appropriate to the magazine's audience, but I would be much more likely to read these magazines if there were more articles indicating precisely why a particular design facilitated drawing the knife, slashing with it, etc., in a combative situation.

    I do like looking at the ads in these magazines, though! The ad for the Merlin knife deploying holster, that helps one draw a folder into opened position, was neat to see. It looks like it'd be fun to play with.
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    Tactical Knives Magazine (Jan. 2007).

    I looked at this issue recently. I noticed the ads for the CQT Thunder Hawke from Tops Knives, which I thought was an attractive blade. I also saw some interesting stuff in the ad for www.knifenetwork.com and was intrigued by the card-sized blade at www.hideawayknife.com.

    There was an article on knives-as-bayonets that focused on the Fox Spartan Defender, which was designed as a knife first, bayonet second (and a related letter concerning knifes/bayonets in Afghanistan). I read an article on the Uzi Defender from United Cutlery but it appears to be no longer available (at the sites I checked). The Surefire Delta was featured in an article and looks fascinating--a LEO/rescure worker blade with a built-in window-breaker, among other tools, from a flashlight company. The Buck Parallex also appeared in an article.

    Other articles discussed the CRKT M-16/M-21 (with Systema instructor Sonny Puzikas) and a "reality-based blade" (associated with Jim Wagner; see here). But the most interesting article to me was about knives as back-up weapons for LEOs whose sidearms are being grabbed for. Don Gulla and Gary Drake were interviewed and talked about tactical vs. utility knives, and that 6% of all LEOs killed in the line of duty are killed with their own gun. They recommended weak-hand side carry of the knife and cited two recent cases of officers killed with their own guns which were wrestled away from them while folders waited beneath the gun, inaccessible because of the grappling going on. A weak-hand side knife could possibly have saved them, the article suggests.

    There was more-than-usual discussion of knife techniques and strategies in this issue, which I liked!
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    It sounds like very well. I like the tractial knives very much. Can you upload its photoes? I want to see it .
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    I don't have any images, sorry!

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