Tabimina System in Denver, CO

Discussion in 'FMA Schools' started by PlumDragon, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. PlumDragon

    PlumDragon New Member

    I recently moved back to Denver, CO and am starting a new group here. Have had trouble getting in contact with a mod to post this, so just putting it here.

    Tabimina System Denver/Central US
    Phone: (850) 635-5334
    New website for Central US/Denver will be up soon.

    Looking for students who are serious and dedicated to their training. Please feel free to contact with inquiries, questions, or to set up a session. Intro sessions are free of charge.

  2. MacJ_007

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    Josh Walker is our Tabimina System Chapter Head for Central USA. I can guarantee it will be worth your time.

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