Tabimina Balintawak Demo

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    Video taken at SM Bicutan during the gathering held by Bakbakan International. Hope all you fellow FMA enthusiast would enjoy this. Thanks!!!

    Balintawak torrent
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    I have edited out the first link. It does not lead in an obvious way to a martial arts video clip. The remaining link does, but requires registration.

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    Thanks for contributing these! We're glad to have them, but were confused by the link.

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    It should say on top right CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. Click it and you'll be downloading the videos. And with the Balintawak torrent link. You will need a program called Bittorent to be able to download the file. Thanks!!!
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    As it appears the first time it is not obvious and the Down load speed is very slow, even with high speed cable. I will review later, thank you for sharing.
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    There are lots of people downloading at this point. So the dl speed will be slow. Try bittorent since im seeding it right now and I'm capping at 60-80 Kbps. Please post your comments as well. Thanks!!!
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    Balintawak clip

    Great clip. I liked the segment with the kid especially - there is an obvious comraderie between all the players.

    Interesting that this appears to be an essentially corto style. What strikes me is the instructor's desire to establish the optimum distance from the onset (look how many times he starts off by pushing his partners back to establish range before starting to play) before they start to close. This is not a criticism - merely an observation of what appears to be an essential characteristic of the style.

    It reminds me of Kajukenbo training: some "dummies" are always trying to cheat range by taking a half-step towards you - and you have to tell them to back up. In real life you'd just hit them...

    It's interesting also to note that it's easy to see why single stick predominates in this style - although double stick could work also. I think that espada y daga would work to a lesser extent and one might have to change tactics: either change range (eg. San Miguel Eskrima) or change footwork to incorporate more flanking (eg. Pekiti Tirsia Kali). But this is just academic - I'm sure that Balintawak probably has an effective answer to espada y daga at corto range as well, and ultimately, it's not the style - it's the player.

    Thank you for sharing the clip.


    Steve Lamade
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    Tatay Anciong at some point when he was training with the Saavedra's, he used to have the knife, since espada y daga is his forte. Apparently, he has a habit of poking his partner and injuring them, hence the removal of the knife by the Saavedra's. Balintawak is the evolved form of his cultivation during his time spent in Labangon Fencing Club.

    Take note that each attack is random and never scripted. One of the characteristics of the art that makes it effective and deadly.
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    I thought it was the Labangon Fencing Club and the also the Doces Pares Club Pre WWII. After the war, he choose not to join the club again, and did his own thing.
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    That's what I meant. I just did'nt put it in details since you guys were already discussing the history of Balintawak on this forum too. Maybe someone should discuss how is your training with Balintawak empty hand.

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