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  1. jspeedy

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    From the first time I saw Tabimina Balintawak on youtube years ago I was interested and curious about the art. As a Balintawak practitioner under Bobby Taboada I've been curious about all of the different styles of the art. I know some people might think it is negative to focus on differences and some may think it's best to embrace similarities, but my curiosity leads me to believe that by understanding differences much can be learned.

    I recently learned one of the members of fmatalk will be moving close to me (thanks fmatalk!). I thought this would be a great learning opportunity to learn more about his style of Tabimina Balintawak. Rather than post all of my questions in a private message i figured i'd start a thread to give others the opportunity to give input or ask question of their own. I'll start by asking question in a numbered format and whoever wants to add input can address the question # throw in his/her two cents. Hopefully no one interprets my questions as rude or nosey, I simply want to learn everything I can about Balintawak.

    1) Does Tabimina Balintawak have different grades or levels? If so what are he designations between teacher and student?

    2) From my understanding Tabimina Balintawak has no single man forms. How are "full power" strikes practiced/learned? Does the style have "full power strikes"?

    3) Is there a butting system incorporated into the style?

    4) Are any disarms included?

    5) I think i've seen some Tabimina Balintawak knifework in videos. What blades are used? How is the system taught (counter to counter,flow drills ect)?

    Thanks ahead for any replies!
  2. guillermo taboada

    guillermo taboada New Member


    Hello jesse,

    bobby tabimina and myself came from the same path of balintawak, grand master velez, grand master villacin and the great grand master anciong bacon, we are all train in the balintawak way. We always follow and loyal to them since the begining of what they teach us and never change the old ways except we add more to it. We created a lots of tecniques and drills for more explosives speed, reflex, flexibility and most important is the power. The only deffrence between tabimina and myself is we are not the same hands and i dont know who is the most handsome.
    Anyway, thank you for your support to my camp last saturday and congratulations to your outstanding level five test, your instructor did teach you good.

    I would like to congratulate those who passed the test from all levels, completion of the art and qualified instructors from the different states.
    Thanks to the guest and the students from all over the states who attended the seminar, we have the total of sixty eight people in the floor. Planning for las vegas for the next event. Thank tou all.

    Gm bobby taboada
  3. still lurking

    still lurking New Member

    We bisaya's always win in that department , GM Bobby. :wink2:

    Someday makatuon ko nimo.
  4. yomitche

    yomitche New Member

    GM Taboada, thanks so much for your friendship and guidance. You are in inspiration and a wonderful person to learn from and spend time with! Thanks again!

    Mitch York
  5. Reactor

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    I believe Sir Bob (Tabimina) has already conceded that GM Taboada is more good looking :) Having met them both, I would say, however, that their greatest asset is their humility. It's what makes them truly deadly men.

    Anyway, as GM Taboada pointed out, he and Sir Bob -- who are very good friends -- are products of the same tree. Both their systems carry all the strengths of Balintawak.The main difference between them would be the training method. Depending on your learning style, one or the other will be a better fit for you.

    Btw, please contact Sir Bob to ensure the person from whom you plan to study Tabimina Balintawak is indeed qualified to teach. There have been reports of people making false claims.

    Now to your questions ...

  6. jspeedy

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    Thanks for the reply GM Bobby! I'm glad to see how well the whole Balintawak community gets along and how much everyone respects one another. I'm looking forward to testing for level 6 next year, maybe in Vegas if things work out.
  7. malcolmk

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    Hi, well GM Nick Elizar of World Nickelstick Eskrima Club also came from the same stable of the two bobby's, Teovels training with Piloy (Mr Roma) but having trained in Nickelstick myself I can see there are a few differences in stance and movement and the teaching process in general. I also trained a little with master Wilson Ceniza from Teovels and that difers also. I started training with Wilson precisely because I had a similar question. If these guys come from the same source why doe's their style of movement look so different? So I decided to go to the source and see how Teovels trained and compare them. My opinion on the matter is that the core is maintained but because each individual is an individual certain things were changed to suit what they personally felt was a suitable refinement.
    Remember the golden rule is to adapt the style to you and not you to the style (within reason of course).
    If you are interested you can read my thoughts on the matter in the articles section of my website
  8. Salingsing

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    Hi Bobby! Im James. There is an event coming up in Las Vegas? I'de love to hear more about it if you don't mind! Thanks!

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