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  1. snake

    snake New Member

    did angel cabales ever use sword in serrada.
  2. Demo

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    Though I am only a young pup in Serrada Eskrima, I am aware through things my instructor has told me throughout the course of lessons that techniques meant to be used with a sword are in some fashion an aspect of the Serrada system.

    To what degree, and specifically what they are, I do not know as I have not yet reached that point in training.

    Now, as to if GGM Cabales ever actually USED a sword himself in the re-al sens eor in training, I could not answer that.

    The former is quite variable given the more than a few times GGM Cabales was ina situation where he had to use his skills, and the latter is best left to the people who trained with him as they would probably know better than I.
  3. Boz

    Boz Kailat Kombatives Student

    My understanding of Serrada stick techniques is that they are designed to translate to the Barong. Hence, the short Barong-length stick (20 to 24 inches long total) that is used in Serrada.
  4. Charlie

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    Grand Master Angel Cabales used a straight kirs which was double edged. Grand Master Vincent Cabales has showed me it and I have verified the same sword with pictures of Grand Master Angel Cabales holding it. It is very very light about 19 - 20 inches. I know Grand Master Vincent Cabales has a Pinute that he prefers to use.

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