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    I am inspired and in some ways obliged to share this with my fellow FMA practitioners after reading PG MichaelB's article entitled 'Be Prepared'.

    I also by way of saying thank you to the admin.of FMA Talk for helping to promote our Grandmaster's system.

    My teacher is acknowledged in the Philippines(and internationally) as one of the foremost Grandmasters of FMA.Without wishing to state the obvious,he was highly skilled with many types of weapons.
    However,in my years that I spent travelling and training around Manila and the provinces with my teacher the only times I saw him carrying weapons was when we were delivering sticks,Itaks etc. to different groups of students.This is because he felt no need to arm himself as he was always ready and PREPARED.

    One example of this was I noticed when I first started training and travelling was how my teacher would scrutinize any new passengers that got on to whatever jeepney or bus we were in.This was not overt staring,but a subtle assessing of the new passenger,starting from the feet and moving upward.

    The purpose of this assesing was two fold.The obvious was looking for anything out of the ordinary that might be a threat,i.e. weapons,the second and more important reason was how this new person kept and carried themselves.
    My teacher had said to me on two occassions that you can tell if someone is a good Arnisador by how they care for and handle their sticks when not using them-good care equating to good Arnis practice and performance.
    This philosophy was applied to the observing and assessing of individuals.Were they clean and tidy and did they look after themselves.
    He belived this care and attention to appearance and demeanor was very often translated in to how someone might handle themselves in a comat situation.

    So,by assesing a person or situation before it(he/she) becomes a problem you are already making important decisions that put you into that frame of mind where you are ready to act to defend yourself,without losing time you have not got in a potentially dangerous self defence situation.

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