Sweden mulls legality of the baseball bat.

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    Sweden mulls legality of the baseball bat

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    Nothing surprising here. Even in the Sates with our "2nd Ammendment Rights" and all, in many places, you can get in a lot of trouble for carrying an object intending to use it as a weapon. Just look at all the state laws and local ordinances against large knives, objects manufactured to be used for self defense (such as collapsable batons), and just about any martial arts weapon. Even using tools or sporting items like a bat can get you in deep doodoo if you can't articulate a very convincing reason for having it at hand other than for self defense! That's why I would recommend learning to defend yourself with objects that you actually have at hand for other reasons... like the "club" steering wheel lock I always carry next to me in my car. I really do use the thing every day. Other options include actual tools: wrenches, hammers, a compact trenching shovel, etc. that you honestly need to have around. If you choose to carry a baseball bat, it helps if you also have a glove and ball handy, and really play every week.

    ...unless maybe if your dad is the former assistant police chief.

    'Bat man' stops crash suspect; Arizona


    This guy Doug is a neighbor of mine. He chased down a truck hijacker and beat the tar out of him with a bat. No problem. The police called him a hero. Of course, like the article says, his dad was top brass in our city's PD and his younger brothers are both LEOs. Doug's been involved in other situations like this too... And there's no guarantee he'll keep getting away with this behavior. He may not have any trouble with law enforcement, but I ran into his wife and she told me that if he doesn't knock it off, she's gonna kill him!
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