Summer 2014 DBMA Training Camp July 19-20

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    A bit less than three weeks away! Time to get your registration in!

    Woof All:

    I would like to announce the DBMA Summer 2014 Training Camp featuring “The Time Machine Game” to be held in the Hermosa Beach area of Los Angeles on July 19-20. The cost of the Camp will be $250 ($125 per day). As always, the Military/LEO discount of 25% applies or 10% for DBMA Association members

    What is the Time Machine Game (TMG)?

    The TMG was born from a flash of insight that came to me while in I was in Bern in 2012 for the Dog Brothers Euro Gathering while I was working DBMA “abecedarios” (building block movements). I bounced it off of Benji (Guro Lonely Dog) a bit and liked what I experienced-- and so I shared it at the mini-seminar I was teaching. At the Gathering a couple of days later one of the fighters who had attended the seminar applied it repeatedly to very good effect. Benji and I exchanged looks as he did so.

    The TMG excites me quite a bit—indeed it is a culmination of several things I have been working on for several years now by blending them together in a tremendously synergistic way. My confidence in this assessment was greatly boosted by Guro Inosanto’s response when I shared it with him: “Marc, you’ve really got something there. You should work that a lot.”

    And so I have!

    Although TMG began as a double stick game, it has expanded beyond that to become a formidable “Kali Tudo”™ game as well-- truly it manifests “consistency across categories”! For example, this past winter while sparring some young amateur MMA fighters to help them get ready to fight I used it to good effect—for example I repeatedly stopped drop and shoots with bolo punches that I could have applied to devastating effect.

    What are the constituent elements of TMG? (Warning! Lots of DMBA terminology ahead! Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with some or all of these terms—by the end of the Camp you will experience that their function is to help you understand and remember the material)

    For double stick

    a) Certain movements from our abecedarios
    b) The Four Rings of Merge Theory
    c) The single stick Kalimba Game
    d) The single stick Bolo Game, especially Bolo Loop Two (BLT) and the Trident

    As we bring this to “Kali Tudo”, we also bring to bear:

    a) Four Headed Snake
    b) Dracula Fang
    c) Prison Sewing Machine and the Prison Waltz (using 6/4 rhythm against 4/4 rhythm)
    d) The KT expression of the Kalimba Game
    e) The KT expression of the BLT Game

    As I discussed in my previous Rambling Rumination I am at a time in life where I am intensely focused on imparting to the next generation while I still can—and this Camp will be all about that. So, whether you looking to improve you stick fighting, your MMA, and/or your street fighting, this camp is for you. If you want to really bring Kali Tudo to bear in the cage, this camp is for you! If you lack experience or confidence in your stick skills, do not worry, the teaching progression will be able to handle that.

    July is a beautiful time of year in the South Bay of Los Angeles. We live in a beach community (about 8 miles south of the airport) and there is much to do. Your wife/girlfriend/children will be glad if you bring them along—the area is quite agreeable, safe, and fun with lots of things to do while you train. We will be glad to help you out with recommendations about where to stay, to eat, etc.

    The Adventure continues!

    Guro Crafty/Marc

    Make your deposit here:
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    One of the many nifty things about the Time Machine Game is that it is very good for us older fighters. As we get older our visual reflexes decline and our initiation speed diminishes. Also, we tend to be less ring/cage sharp because we are sparring less so the quality of our head movement may not be as good as we remembered and we can be a bit gun shy when incoming is coming our way.

    With the Dracula built in the protection of the head tends to be built in so reflexes and head movement need not be as sharp as may be the case with other methods; and the "flinchies" easier to control. . With the spinning hands, momentum is already established, there is no inertia to overcome, so initiation speed is not an issue as well.
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    Relaxing today after a wonderful time this weekend at the DBMA Summer Camp. Theme: The Time Machine Game. I was very pleased with the progression and how well people seemed to pick things up. Thanks to Guros Fu and Beowulf and Antone Haley for the assists.

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