Successful Seminar in Chester England!

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    Teaching yet again, the School of Arms curriculum; Master of Arms, John Bednarski, traveled to Chester England to teach a seminar focusing upon the Tortal Family method, a major component of the School of Arms curriculum. Core basics were covered including, single stick (sword), double stick, footwork, foundational cinco teros, and foundational partner drills. The students whom attended the full seminar, were allowed to grade to the first rank, and all passed admirably.

    Mr. Bednarski’s host, Sensei Ian Thomas, the United Kingdom representative of School of Arms, teaches the School of Arms curriculum. Sensei Thomas, has a very wide depth and breadth of knowledge when it comes to traditional Japanese Martial Arts and is an excellent instructor.

    If you are also interested in authentic Filipino Martial Arts and classical Filipino swordsmanship, Sensei Ian Thomas, teaches these and other Arts, out of his dojo:

    Full Circle Martial Arts

    Unit 5 , Chesterbank Estate, River Lane, Saltney

    Chester, Cheshire CH4 8SL

    Mr. Thomas can be reached at +44 7596 473481

    A special Thanks to Sensei Thomas and all the students whom attended!

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