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    I read it as well. I have been taking Kali Ilustrisimo with Master Saunico and Guro Padilla in Red deer and so far what i have in the Basics that is mentioned in that article is a little different from Kali Academy. I cant really judge for i just started to really do the style.

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    Hi Phil,

    Just checked out the article, it is an excellent overview. The answer to your query (my personal observation) is that all of Tatang's direct students currently present/teach the arts in their own way...more like a personal expression of Tatang's system. I had the opportunity to meet and learn from several of the systems first and second generation students and they all present the art in their own special/unique way. All is good. Train well.

    The terms used may vary a bit.

    Enjoy your training with Manong Norman, he is an excellent KI instructor.



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