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  1. Kailat


    Here's a question that I have never heard asked....

    Does anyone have a student that can take you? In this, I mean that can actually kick your ass!

    I ask this only as a question... I have some pretty healthy guys that train with and under me. Most of them all have background in various other arts. IE Karate, MMA, Boxing. They come to me to study and learn FMA.

    We fight and we fight pretty hard for the most part. I feel sparring is a very good way to train and advance. We try to keep things at a level of respectful control but every now and again we get a little carried away. I realize as I get older, my flexibility and speed is getting tighter and slower.. And as I get in there and mix it up w/ the younger fellas I know they can rumble pretty good.

    I look at this in a few different ways; For the ones that I know i've taught from scratch, and they are getting to be better fighters then my job is done... And for the otherones thathave background in other arts, I only hope to give them a better fighting edge, and a more keen way of fighting only to make them better.

    I remember my old KARATE teacher would always hold certain techniques back from us, cause he said he needed a few extra techniques up his sleeve in case he had to fight us... IM LIKE WHAT? lol...

    whats others opinions on this?
  2. PG Michael B

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    As a teacher it is my job to make sure that everyone of my students is better than I. This does not mean they will be better in actual combat. This element one only obtains from having gone through it. I came up very hard (and chose by my own volition a very dangerous lifestyle), I saw way to much way to early and delved into the seedy underbelly of life where violence became common and to the point where I didn't bat an eye or loose a wink of sleep. My students have not experienced this. For the most part they are a group of guys who are family men and need this skill for their own sanity and protective reasons. I cannot give them the combat experience, the blood and mayhem I have played in that hardened my heart.

    I do have one student who came up hard in the vario of south San can just tell this fireplug is a scrapper..he is mean and cantankerous and takes little to no crap..he is a pit-bull personified. He more than any will go to the wall by any means necessary..having been there myself I see it in him. So to answer the question....NO, for one simple reason..I have way to much junk in my yard and a very hard heart when it comes to upping the play to a life and death situation...I have never held life as precious as most and in this regard that mindset is a hell of a weapon.
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    A couple of my former students have become pretty damn good-- after many years of training. They could sure kick my sorry old geezer's ass now, so now I learn from them. These guys are gifted and hard working, and they are 10-20 years younger than I am --so it doesn't bother me a bit. If you live long enough you'll see the same thing happen. That's what it means to be a good teacher or coach. How many NFL or NBA coaches could still play at a pro-level? Answer= 0
  4. Kailat


    Yeah, I think alot of times many students will hold back out of the "respect factor" or possibly it's fear not sure which one it is I guess.. I remember the first time i ever sparred w/ my guru, he whooped my tail all over the place.. I up the annie a bit and mixed it up and got a little harder and more uncontrolled, YUP he stomped my tail all over the place.. said " U finished yet?" LOL.. I'll never forget that.. of course I was around 16yrs old or so.. He earned all respect from me that day forth.

    I've had to put the hammer on afew of my past and previous students/training partners. I do know however, that I have one maybe two of the guys that are in my group KKG can and will as well as "have" held their own when they had to defend themselves.

    I mentioned I have one cat in our group, he's an Ex-Con yet he's been somewhat a close friend of mine over the years in the past. He reminds me of the guy you were referring to in your group MIKE... He has been down roads I've never been. Not to mention he has had a past that had put him in places and situations that some of us would find pretty uncomfortable yet he managed to survive by mere willingness to live.

    He is a somewhat valid conjunction within our group..
  5. Sheldon Bedell

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    The older I get the more easy for those younger than me to out strike me. They may have faster reflexes than I do now.
    What they may lack is the knowledge my years have brought me and some of the "tricks" that they have not been shown

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