Steven Seagal Reality TV Series--Lawman.

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by arnisador, Sep 19, 2009.

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    Ok,Do you think ANY perps are going to take him seriously?
  3. arnisador

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    Apparently he's been doing it for a while now!
  4. Probably because his latest movies stink....
  5. PG Michael B

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    Steven Seagal has been in law enforcement for several years. He can pick a mean guitar as well. Scoff though we may, homeboy is banking and in todays world banking is a good idea....I actually like him, lol...met him once and thought he was a weird cat, but weird is good in my book.
  6. lhommedieu

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    Steven Seagal may be less than savory in some respects (his past comportment towards ex-wives did little to enhance his reputation) and I suppose that now that he's post-50, past his physical prime, and on the D List it's easy to say that people don't take him seriously. I think that he is probably a victim of what Lord Acton might have said about Hollywood: "Hollywood tends to corrupt, and absolute Hollywood corrups absolutely."

    One thing though - anyone who's ever trained with him will tell you that he's an excellent martial artist and a great teacher. I've heard people who have attended seminars where he's shown up as an unexpected guest teacher describe his teaching as "classical" and "old fashioned" (both good things in my book). I know a serious martial artist who was his uke in Japan for several years and he holds Seagal's abilities with the highest respect. He's been a gun nut for many years and from the accounts that I've read he knows how to handle a pistol.

    Who wouldn't want to be a part-time LEO, do some good, and get to be on T.V. at the same time? Here's hoping he remains as humble and self-effacing as he appears on the trailer and that this really is some kind of Buddhist journey of redemption...


  7. I used to train in Hollywood. True story. West Hollywood at that.

    Anyway, whilst I was there I got to work out with quite a few people in the entertainment industry They told me Seagal was an ass to the extras and on set and Gene Lebell chocked him out. Apaprantly Segal lost control of his bowel and was left in a locker to regain conciousness.

    Ahhh! The beauty of the internet. I just searched this rumour (and I heard it 8 years ago LOL) and found this:

    A young Steven Seagal got whipped by a 59-year-old,160454

    I'm sure this was a life-changing (or trouser changing for sure) experience and he was a nicer human being for it afterwards...
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  8. lhommedieu

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    True story. The version I heard was that Seagal had roughed up a few stuntmen and LaBell decided to straighen him out. LaBell told Seagal that once he had him in a choke hold and that there was no way he could get out. Seagal took it as a challenge and told LaBell to go ahead and put on the hold. Not a smart move...

    Raise your hand if you would let Gene LaBell put you in a choke hold? As I said, "Hollywood tends to corrupt..."


  9. PG Michael B

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    There is two types of stupid in this world, and to volunteer for that fiasco ranks right up there with stupid to the 10th degree.....Judo Gene is a bad old man....he according to some was not the nicest of people in his day as well while working as a stunt man in hollywood....I guess Steve is right.. Hollywood + Testosterone = *******! Seagal isn't the only nut who went the way of the sphincter
  10. Hi Steve,

    Yeah, I think that was the way I heard it too. I was practicing with a ex-judo guy at the time and that's exactly what he said about Gene Lebelle (not to be trifled with..).

    I'm sure if I met Mr Seagal I'd let him buy me a drink and tell a few stories but the multitude of horrendous movies and that story have done their damage. :(

    On a similar theme I would set time aside for Jason Scott Lee living in Indonesia and learning a bit of Silat. Seems a nice guy who has spurned the trappings of fame to be a farmer in Hawaii. Think it's on one of the cable channels.
  11. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Jason Scott Lee needs to hide on a farm after that fiasco of a movie he did on Bruce (can you let me rest in peace) Lee...that flik sucked! I like him better as a heavy in Balls of Fury.
  12. arnisador

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    No matter what y'all say, I'm going to watch the show!
  13. PG Michael B

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    Me to...I like Seagal, he's a freak and knows it..that's cool...Gotta admit the cat has a colorful life..good, bad or indifferent...Guess that goes to show ya, you gotta fly your freak flag if ya got it...some do, others don't .......

    "I choose to flap in the breeze, upside down it seems ;)"

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