Steel Trainers for sale!

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  1. Hey All.

    My new steel trainers have arrived.

    A few wrinkles to iron out like how they've blunted the edge but not the tip (duh!) and the scabbards but overall I'm :).

    To start with I got these live Blades made in Bicol.


    A couple of "Dahong Palay" and what they referred to as "Ginunting" there.

    Made from spring steel, carabao handles.

    So, I've also got them made up in blunt steel trainers too. I will add those when I've finished editing the pics.

    I also got a few knives done as well.

    Take a look at this baby:


    They also called that a "Ginunting" Knife. Regardless, I like!

    Spring steel with Kamagong handles and a full-tang as you can see.

    Now, you may want to move slightly back when considering the scabbard. It is a bit loud :(


    Oh well :(

    This was a sample order so next time I will tell them to turn it down a bit (and blunt the ends too).

    How much, you ask?

    Well, for my good friends at FMA Talk:

    Training Knife + Sheath + Worldwide Shipping = $39.99

    I only have a few so be quick. I have one more design (a kitchen knife) to edit and put on. It's the same price.

    The training swords (also with scabbards & shipping) are $59.99 for FMA Talkers.

    Whilst stocks last!
  2. Here's the kitchen knife:


    Targeted for the European / UK market where most stabbings are cause by kitchen knives. So to me it makes sense to train with one! I like the design and feel of it too.

    Again, $39.99 with shipping, worldwide. Includes sheath LOL
  3. Training Swords



    $59.99 with shipping included.

    Just reply to this thread, PM or even go onto my website and see if the live chat thing is online.

    I won't be there now as I'm going eat pizza and drink San Miguel ;)


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