Spring Gathering Of The Tribes

Discussion in 'Seminars & Camps' started by kuntawguro, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

  2. Mushtaq Ali

    Mushtaq Ali New Member

    Hey Buss!

    This year's Spring Gathering is going to be quite a bit of fun.

    Sadly, we are already full and have started a waiting list for people.

    Rumor has it that a bunch of people are coming just to hang out with you.

    (Last time I talked with Bobbe he was mumbling something about getting you drunk and stealing all your staff material)

  3. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Just toast one for the old bald guy from the isle of gilligan.. It sucks that this is going to be the 4th gathering I've missed since moving back to the islands of the south pacific.. But looking on the bright side, the wife and I will be back stateside in 09 for vacation and we will try to schedule it around the spring gathering.

  4. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    The gathering was a blast, Bobbe Edmonds made the trip- and no- he didn't steal my staff material, he was too busy terrorizing poor Mariah.
  5. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

  6. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    There are some videos at the end
  7. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Hey Everybody,
    Well, I had a great time and I cannot give a more glowing review. It truly was a gathering of very talented and humble people sharing their hard earned knowledge. So all I can say is, if you have a chance check out the gathering of the the tribes! Also a hardy thank you to everyone envolved in it.

  8. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    I Mean involved in the last sentence.....
  9. Bobbe

    Bobbe Member

    I didn't terrorize her. I introduced high levels of stress and fear into her everyday life, and...Oh screw it, yeah, I terrorized her. If it makes anyone feel better, she got revenge. She put a plastic lizard in my bed that punctured my chest when I rolled over. Also, I left my Zune at her house & had to fly back sans music. My entire Air Supply collection is on that thing...

    The Gathering of the Tribes was incredible, I feel extremely fortunate that I have been inducted into this group of sociopathic knife-nuts and martial art nutbars. And Buzz, I am especially grateful to whatever Gods placed you in my path (or vice versa). Every year you pull some esoteric weapon or technique out of your bag, and this year was no exception. I bought a three sectional staff so we could play again when we next see each other.

    It was great to see Bednarski again as well...I couldn't believe he brought me a Chimay Magnum!!! I also couldn't believe he & Carstensen drank all my OTHER Belgian Ales, the bastards.

    I'll write up an article on the gathering and post it on my blog, as well as here.
  10. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    I am honored that you feel what I have is worth your time and energy. I too am grateful that I have the chance to train with you in whatever manner presents itself. You have a gift of being able to see 3 steps ahead of whatever I show you and that is quite exceptional. I love seeing the light bulb light up above people's heads when they make connections. The connections are easily seen by you , so the light bulb is like a strobe.


    "I am a warrior in the Filipino arts- not a master, just a foot soldier doing my best to understand, propagate, and promote that which stole my heart in 1970 and holds it still today.
  11. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Kamusta kana. I am glad the Gathering went off with out a hitch. I unfortunately missed another due to injury. The achilles is healing well (Thank God)...but we did have another mishap. My brother in law and student is in the ICU. He went in with severe neck pain thinking he popped a disc. The doctors examined him and found he was diabetic (unbeknownst to him) and his blood sugar had spiked at 575, this in turn caused a staff infection in his neck and shoulder. They immediately did emergency surgery and had to tracheotomy him. He is in bad, bad shape. He will need at least 2 more surgeries and will remain in the ICU for at least 2 more weeks. Thank God I was here to get him to the hospital...he can use all the support anyone can muster. The family here are as stressed as can be....hell just having me around is stress enough,.lol..now this..what else can fall on our heads.

    I hope to make the next one...seems every year something rolls up and bites me in the backside just around gathering time....ahh such is life...but once again, I am happy that the gathering went off without a hitch and everyone had a blast..salamat

    PG Mike B
  12. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    Too Bad Mike- seems we keep missing each other. The gatherings have been a shot in the arm for this old geezer. Meeting a bunch of people with like minds and minimal egos has rekindled my love of the arts.
    ( watch- the next gathering he will tell everyone he is pregnant or something) he he KIDDING!
  13. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Damn Buzz..your warm..LOL...I'm not pregnant but the wife is...LOL.....baby girl due December...
  14. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    Man, am I good or what! Figured you'd come up with another diversion to keep from seeing my ugly face.
  15. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Trust me, if the kid comes out looking like Mike, hope he/she is so big that it walks out, slinging a kampilan. Congrats Bro, I know how excited you are even with the raging hormones.. The students don't know what they are going to get when the time gets closer as far as being stress relievers in training.
  16. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    Now that is a visual that is going to be hard to get out of my brain, a baby girl with tats swinging a kampilan----------sheesh
  17. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    LOL..raging hormones...lord almighty she is like a Pinay quisinart...every and anything is setting her off right now. The lads are dealing with their pain as best they can...LOL..I however am sick and tired of 3 a.m. drives to the 24 hour market for peanut butter and or sardines...don't ask me why but her cravings are legendary and quite spooky..

    She scares me...LOL.....when she is cranky....lol
  18. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Know how that is. When my wife was pregnant with my first boy we were living in Montgomery alabama.. She had a craving for devil's food cake and since in 1977, there were very few 24 hr marts open in that part of the states. I had to drive almost 25 miles round trip to get the cake for her at 0200 to get to the store on the southern bypass.. The boys and gals who worked down there, got to know me on a first name basis due to the frequent trips down there..

    The things we go through to keep peace and sanity in the house when the asawas are pregnant.:EvilGrin::iamwithst
  19. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Amen Billy....speaking of keeping the asawas content....I actually sat and watched 2 hours of hormone driven TV for woman last night...lord I wanted to hang myself.....but hey you gotta do what ya gotta do...the anok will be well worth the suffering I am rolling into now..LOL...but then again the baby is a girl and will come with all the girly things...imagine Billy me at 6'4" 300 lb.s tattooed and having tea partys...gonna be a sight.

    salamat kuya

  20. tellner

    tellner New Member

    Yep. She'll have you wrapped around that chubby little finger about a second after she opens her eyes. You'll get all googly eyed. You'll sing silly songs. You'll cut down on the swearing. You'll call her "Princess" or "Flea" or "Punkin' ". You'll have tea parties. You'll talk about her while your unmarried friends roll their eyes and the ones with kids just smile at you. You'll creep into her room at night to make sure she's breathing or just stand there and watch.

    And there's not a damned thing you can do about it Millions of years of pitiless evolution have gone into making sure you have no defense against her one one carefully honed survival technique.



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