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    Good job!
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    >>Your choice. But I never thought a Filipino would be borderline racist and outright selfish in their art just because another person has a different skin color. Now if you had said: I won't sell my art for people who have do not have the right ATTITUDE (not skin color), then I would probably agree with you.

    >> Nope and I'm not looking for one just to prove I am a warrior or a Filipino, or even just so I can say that I study FMA.

    >> I'd probably be in jail instead of telling you no.

    >> Probably his favorite weapon, not his body part. I'd have no use for it.

    >> Since I've had about 15 bags of blood transfused in me from 2004-2005, I don't really care about my blood as long as it's clean and healthy.

    >> I don't care about being branded by people I don't even know, whose opinions I didn't even ask for. Why would their opinions about my being a warrior or not matter to me?

    But since you asked, I rather prefer that Filipinos are branded as entertainers, musicians, artists. We like to smile, we're patient, and instead of taking life away, we prefer to give life by being nurses doctors and caregivers, by being farmers so that we can grow food to feed our families. By being teachers so that the children can learn to read and write and have a better future, a peaceful future.

    We only fight to defend life, not to revel in the killing.

    That's my opinion. You did say I was entitled to one. You're welcome.

    I'm not a warrior. But if you want to call yourself a warrior just so you can refuse to sell your FMA system to white westerners, go knock yourself out. Really, have a blast.
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