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    Some broders here in this org. believe that we Filipinos are over selling the warrior thing. If some GM's sell there system its there own desgression and they are intittled for it and its previledge in ther mastery of there art. well In my case I wont sell my art for caucacians in future comes. Such word is unacceptable and a disrespect to filipino people.
    Now to all filipinos in this thread let us show to them that we are not overselling the warrior thing that we filipinos are born warrior and part of our culture and to live a life of warriors.

    1st Q? in your life as a FMA practitioner are you been into real figths?

    2nd Q? did you already kill a person in real fights?

    3rdQ? if you win some fights what part of your opponent body would you get to serve as soviener.

    4rthQ? in your blood does you contain a tribal blood in your vain?

    5thQ? are you infavor that we filipinos are branded that we just over sell the warrior thing?

    There are no wrong answers just feel free to give your infos on it and I dont beleive that we just pretend that we are warriors just to sell our FMA system to westeners
  2. el maldito de cebu

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    I have been into real fights in the streets if I'am not mistaken I've incountered 15 fights starting when I was aged 7 years old. even if I'am punished by my parents with belting whip that does not hinder me to still indulged into fights building my intigrity, image and reputation of my name.

    not yet but I'm sure maybe int the future It would happen. in the sayaing of the Bisaya people na "ang mga bagong tobo moagi" which means he would under go into a process in experiencing to kill some one to evolve into manhood and worthy of the elders respect.

    I would cut his hands and tatooed his name on it and put it in a transparent jar to serve as a soveinir of his being a loser.

    Yes I had a tribal blood, the tausog tirbe and tribo bulado and I'am proud of my ethnic background even tough I had a mix spanish blood in my viens but it those not make me a lesser of a filipino.

    such desrespect is unacceptable well in the future I'am not welling to sell what I know to foreign people but in the preservation of the culture of FMA I well just share it to worthy filipino students whom I know is trustworthy of giving the art that he would live a life of the bushido that he would live a lifestyle of a warrior not a coward who jsut have fun of giving comment that could destroy the image of us filipinos. filipinos are naturally born warriors and well live a life of a warrior and will die as a worthy and noble warrior.
  3. Rather than focus on how we are all different el matido, wouldn't it be better to focus on how we are all the same?

    As one of those "Caucasians" that you refer to this subject is of great interest to me. Living in the Philippines it is not hard to imagine Arnis being used to protect ones family and loved ones on a daily basis. In many areas in the Philippines people still wear bolos.

    Studying arnis has really got me thinking of the martial ancestry of my own country (England) as swords have not been acceptable public attire for many, many years. Due to superior technology war was often waged with gunpowder so I have been looking at the time before that. The Anglo-saxons and the times when England was divided by tribes. The concept of a "warrior" has been discussed elsewhere but it is not prudent to say "I would do this and this in this given situation" as you wouldn't really know until you've been placed in that situation.

    Unless you have an anti-social dis-respect for the law or are in the armed services it is pointless saying this. The Filipinos do not hold sole claim to being an area of "warriors" either. Look at how a few countries and clans conquered most of the world throughout history - Romans, Mongols, Europeans, etc, etc. Just for most of us it is very far removed in the bloodline - but it is still there if you reach back enough. Humans today vary quite little from humans thousands of years ago. So we are all the same.

    I think you should be proud about how the Filipino Martial Arts are gaining worldwide recognition as a formidable fighting art and people have a new found respect for the Phililippines and it's people. This would not be possible without teaching foreigners. Not all foreigners bring "disrespect" to the fighting arts.....
  4. Guro Dave Gould


    El Maldito de Cebu,

    Hello there I hope that you are well and that you are keeping challenged by your daily training.

    As someone that has spent alot of time over many years training in the Philippines in numerous parts of Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon I profoundly understand, value and appreciate the warrior spirit of your culture. It was one of the reasons that I was first attracted to your culture and was persuaded to visit and through it I discovered one of my greatest passions, that being the Indigenous Pilipino Warrior Arts.

    From recent posts that I have read here I don`t think that people here on the forum are disrespecting your culture or your passion for your Indigenous Warrior Arts. On a public forum people are going to agree and people are going to disagree. So if a few people speak in a negative tone about something that you are passionate about or you are possibly doing something differently than they themselves may do and they comment on it, that in and of itself does not speak for everyone on the Forum, just a select few.

    Being "Caucasion" (Anglo-Saxon) I have faced severe prejudism by a few Pilipinos while I was traveling around your country. That is not to say that everyone in your country are prejudiced against caucasions and it would be wrong for me to state that when in fact I have met many more Pilipinos who have treated me like family moreso than those few that have treated me poorly.

    So as opposed to trying to say that all "caucasions" are bad and only want to exploit your culture place the blame where it belongs on "Individuals" and not all foreigners or caucasions in specific that post on this forum. I completly understand that when people speak poorly about something that you may have much passion for can provoke a harsh "knee jerk" reaction. But try and understand that with different experiences we will all have different perspectives on things, one mans misfortune can quickly become anothers fortune and vice-versa.

    I would hope that you will continue sharing your experiences of your culture and your Indigenous Warrior Arts with us all here on the forum. If someone gets under your skin just state what you need to state to redeem yourself or your position and ignore the ones that disturb you. But expect differing views as this is a community and we all have opinions and most of us will share them be they receptive or not.

    Train well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  5. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    1. Don't plan to get into fights at all...

    2. No... This question should not even be asked...

    3. This is modern times, unless you live in a tribe in the middle of the jungle like the Kung San maybe I'll answer this question...

    4. It doesn't matter whether I do or not...

    5. Warriors??? Don't make me laugh... The ONLY real warriors nowadays are the military... If you are not in the military and you practice FMA, you are a Martial Artist... Not a "WARRIOR"... I keep hearing this word too many times from many people who think they are warriors just cause they study an MA... Those people should really get their heads out of their rectal areas...

    So yes, we do oversell the whole warrior BS... Does someone who study Bujinkan Budo Taijitsu a Ninja??? No... Does someone who take up Japanese Jiu Jitsu or Kenjutsu a Samurai??? No...

    We are not Ninjas, we are not Samurais, we are not Warriors... Unless you actually fought in a war, you are not a Warrior... I don't care how high ranked someone is, unless they actually fought in a war, they are in no way a Warrior...

    As as far to seliing FMA to others... Who cares??? My instructor is a Caucasian and he's the best instructor I've ever had... And that's including all my college professors... He's the best I've had... So that "take care of our own" mentallity is an outdated mentallity and a very prejudice one at that... Some of the most honorable people I've ever met were Caucasians... Hell, I'm the only Filipino in my group... But these guys I train with can give someone a lesson or two in an actual fight...

    I want to learn from great instructors... Regardless of their ethnicity... I want the quality in an instructor, not because he has the blood of some aged-old tribe that nobody really cares about...
  6. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Having shared the mat with people that were Filipino, Caucasian, and many other beautiful colors, I don't see any harm in anyone having pride in whatever their particular heritage is.

    I don't recall my own teacher using the term warrior. Personally, I'm glad it doesn't because it doesn't really add to my teaching. I don't see myself as a warrior. Telling me these are the techniques of a warrior doesn't train my brain or my body in how to fight or how to maneuver. My time is limited, as is everyone elses...the time I do have to dedicate to my art, I want to make sure that time is spent training and learning, and not being sold an image (esp. an image that I don't identify with).

    There are schools in the U.S. and abroad where fighting arts that have been diluted down to being a glorified game of tag. There are also instructors in the U.S. and abroad that are among the best.

    It is not ethnicity that washes the combat rigor out of a fighting style, it is mediocrity.
  7. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Many nations, etc. can claim a warrior nation that does not make everyone in that nation a warrior. Look at the US. The country was born out of a war and has been in war, military action, occupation, civil disturbances, police action, etc. some way or another for a long time. We have tons of guns per person in the United States and we also have a history of using knives, etc. The US also has the finest military the world has ever seen to this point and we spend more on it than most countries make with their Gross National Product. Does that make all Americans warriors? [​IMG]
  8. el maldito de cebu

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    this thred I post to enlighten some bros. here that they should pay respect to people that shared the knowledge that was kept long time ago and almost gone by colonization. I jsut wanted the opinion of the brothers here in the org. to maintain its integrity and the image of eskrima with no discripancies and make it pure as possible. I dont have gradges with the filipino that spread eskrima its thier priviledge for mastering the art I just dont want to hear that we filipinos, in oder that many would put interest in learning eskrima is selling to much the warrior thing jsut to sell eskrima. in my opinion eskrima for me is a holly thing that needs to be respected and they should be thankful that they are being shared with the knowlege rather than generalizing us filipinos that we over sell the warrior image its jsut like saying that we oversell eskrima? it is not pleasant to here what if your masters who is filipino would hear this? he will not be happy with this? we must honor our grand masters and respect them at all times. beacause no matter how good we are at eskrima but we could'nt done it with out there knoledge. I came from a different culture you may call it primitive even if in the modern days. we are may not modern but we cultivate and preserve our way of living as if it is a piece and part of our life beacaude we honor our ancestors and we know our history, I'am not like some of those filipino pardon me" but an opinion only that they are already living in different countries and they think they are white already but not me. I may look less a filipino due to my mix hispanic ethnicity but I still remember what are my roots. may be in this modern area there no warriors present but there are still modern warriors that will arise. I once serve in the reservist of the navy but I choose not to be in the regulars. I have my own ideology and I think it is not in my best interest to serve like puppet in my govt. rather than to serve the people and oppressed but to saty on my own and protect my love once in the time dictates. my country may be not stable any military junta may arrise at any time but I had not fear for this but the life of my family and loved ones in the future. I'am not an antisocial type of person or racist it is just an opinion and I wanted to get the opinions of our brothers here. I may be new here but I give you all my respect and my word of honor as a man and as a fellow FMA practitioner. FMA is not new in my life I may be still a young adult but FMA is already a connection to my life and preservation of my culture martial arts is already 11 years in my life I studied not only eskrima but I manage to experience taekwondo,judo, JKD and even russian wresling but to trace my roots I consintrated on eskrima-eskrido,sikaran and silat. I had no problem with to generalizing all caucasians here I was jsut only remending whoever said that it is unpleasants specially to the grand masters to hear that, the point that we filipino are born warrior and we die warriors. and not charactered warriors. men who used swords will die by the sword. hoooyaah!!

    Give you my highest respect and honor
    nagtahod (visayan )
    el maldito de cebu
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    bai, di mani sila kasabot sa atng kultura.. lahi raman kaayo ang ilang kinaiyahan sa atoa. ang ato bya gyud kai mata para sa mata. bisang goberno nato ga ingunana ba ghapon.. pasagdi ra ni sil kai dili man sila kasabot kung unsa gyud an spiritu sa eskrima. pareha raman ta, ang akng lola espanyol pud. gkan gyud sya spain, ako amahan kai dugo tausug pud. usahay lgi gaka suko ko kai naay mag tudlo2x dani nga di kamao. lami lagi hangatun ug away pero puro man kiha ug priso ang ila dani.. basta padayon lng bai, ayawg kabalaka ani nila
  10. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    hay salamat naa pod diay kog igsoon dani ai" lagi arang ka gahi kau pasabton brod. mao na ako ganahan totokan unta nila kung unsa jud and eskrima d jd ni kabinuangan kay mao gd ni ato nadakan na kultuar mao lagi hilig man gd na sila og mga papilis gd. lipay kau ko naa pd diay din kadugo nako asa naman ka nagpoyu ron brod? maayo kay naka migrate naka ako after ako inernship mang appy ko sa saudi kay para pang pamugas gamay
  11. bentit

    bentit New Member

    naa nko sa Florida karn. damay ra ko brad, akng lola man nag petition sa amo dani.. uban ko sa akng inhan ug igsoon pag anhi.. mag unsa man ka saudi? naa toy kasa nga naa koy na ila nga ga eskrima dani sa florida. ana ko sa iya nga mag praktis mi ug tinagsa. wa cya kabalo nga pinoy ko kai mura man ko ug mexicano, pag kabalo niya nga naka tuon ko ug eskrima sa pinas g turndown dayn ko nya sa akng offer.. wa na dayn cya nag pa dungog sa ako:rofl:
  12. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Hey, how about a translation for us American FMAers? :D
  13. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    hahahaha" mao ba gd for you bro' mamugas lagi kay wa nata pang hab2x ani kabaw naka sa ato na one day one eat mao manimpad nursing ko bro. nya mana ko take board pero bagsak man mao ga volunteer nakang ko sa ospital na minicipal kay pagkatapos ani kay apply ko for saudi mamasin ba makamogas diay. unsa man na stilo imo naka maohan? ang ako dani kay eskrima sa mga canete 12pares ang ako gikaton black belter nako nya nakatilaw na pd ko og mga tournaments sa nangagi ganahan ta gani ko ng MMA nya kay apike man nya kuwang pd tag pamogas lagi. maayo mana dra sa U.S. kay bisan crisis naa man gihapon ta mahikap mao wala nay impossible sa ilaha kong unsa ila gusto. ako lang gipakita sa ila kong unsa jd ang tradition sa ato mga filipino kung paisogay na gani hisgotan d pd ta maiwit bisan gani mano2x ra ang armas sa ato AFP sukol japon sila sa ato mga igsoon na MI. b if ang mga puti pana sakto ra ihawon sa mga MI longoan jd og liog[​IMG]
  14. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    we had agreed that the americans and us filipinos had different culture that we grow up you may find it strange but its true in our culture it is in our tradition that like spartans we are raised like one of them as part of our culture in our own filipino setting. and I was very happy that I found a fellow tribe man here. I'am happy by making this thread I found a brother away from home
  15. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Well, all's well that ends well!
  16. bentit

    bentit New Member

    nursing man pud ko sa pinas pero wa ko nakatiwas pag abot dani kai naa nmn dayn koi anak. cge na dayn ko ug trabaho! balintawak man to ang ako pero ang akng guro kai nag bulag sa iyang grupo. kana lgi mag away2x kung kinsa ang mag hari.. g bawal ko niya mag mention nga balintawak ang tyle, ipatawag ra nya ug eskrima. ako rmn iyang estudyante. dili gani siya gusto nga e mention nko nga g tudluan ko niya.. kabalo na bya ka sa mga drama sa atoa.. respeto nlng pud ko kai patay na ra ba to cya.. kalagon plng ko gi-atay na! lol! lisod bya pud dani brad, ambot sa uban pero ako ug akng asawa trabaho mi duha para igo ra gyud maka pamugas ug pakaon sa among bugoy
  17. bentit

    bentit New Member

    yup2x we were talking about the difference in culture and also what's going on with us. he asked me how I came in to the US and just basic how life's going kind of thing.
  18. SoCalNative

    SoCalNative -== Banned ==-

    Greetings El Maldito,

    Since you find the mention of Muslim Fundamentalists cutting the heads off of Whites amusing, you might want to take the time to familiarize yourself with the history behind this practice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjq5Vi9Gc68

    The various tribes of Arabia also saw themselves as blood thirsty warriors.

    And since your heart's wish is to go to Saudi Arabia, you might also want to familiarize yourself with the history of it's rise to power: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8y2Ged0SNw

    You'll be surprise. Filipinos, whether Christians or Muslims, are second status citizens there. Filipinos aren't known in Saudi (or any other countries for that matter) as warriors, they're more popular as ass wipers and domestic help. Even during the jihad in Afghanistan, the Filipino 'holy warriors' who volunteered were looked down upon by their Arab brethrens.

    You're young and you still have a lot to learn about the world. I truly apologize for turning your world up side down, cognitive dissonance is a bitch, I know. Take it for what it is.

    Like I said, my mother's from Bongao, Tawi-Tawi. I'm half Filipino, I can read what you wrote. These 'whites', 'caucacians' on here have been more than willing to tolerate your little chest thumping (some even like the fact that you're playing your role as the fierce warrior from Mindanao who likes to eat body parts, have you ever seen Spike Lee's Bamboozled?), do NOT mistake it for weakness.

    With Peace.
  19. bentit

    bentit New Member

    You claim that your mother is from taw-tawi and this is how you view muslims? have you ever met, spoke, or befriended one? you have a whole lot to learn about muslims than what your media depicts of them.. YOU need to familiarize yourself with Islam and don't limit yourself to recent historical events. Keep in mind that Christianity, Judaism and Islam all started from one root.
  20. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    No culture, No tribe, No race, No country etc...can lay claim as the truth in regards to a warrior culture. This spirit which manifests in some is developed by upbringing, influences and culture. I being of Germanic and American Indian blood was raised by my father, a hunter, fisherman, former Airborne Commando with a shoot straight and take no prisoner attitude. He brought me up learning how to shoot, track, fish, hunt, skin ....and FIGHT.....many times I remember him taking me in the back yard and showing me different techniques, principles etc....this influence truly molded me. Also my grandfather who was an old school catch wrestler when he wasn't working in lumber mills. He would sit with a Hamms beer directing me and my other cousin Terry in what to do with one another. he would pull me over and whisper in my ear a technique to try...he would then call my cousin over and direct him how to counter it. We would do this for hours, back and forth. His influence greatly built the confidence I now possess. These two men, like many men in families from all walks of life help develop that spirit that is an essential in the building of a man. And it is a quality lacking today that is driving our young males into the streets, turning them out to be garbage.

    I am not Filipino but I love the people and the culture. My wife is from General Trias, Cavite and my son and soon to be baby girl have Filipino blood coursing through their veins. I am learning to speak the language as well. My teacher is from there, Mang Yuli Romo..he deemed me the Puting Carabao and said I was the whitest, biggest Filipino he had ever met. So my point is that respect, honor, loyalty, dedication coupled with an open mind and good heart is all that is required...no matter the place, no matter the color, no matter the religion...folks is folks....If one digs deep enough you will find more similarities than differences...BLOOD IS RED AFTERALL

    PG Mike Blackgrave
    BaHad ZuBu ~ Ilustrisimo
    Western HQ SA TX

    Carabao Clan

    Ipagsama Katotohanan


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