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  1. Hi there, I do a lot of sparring with the armour just wondering has anyone sparred with both armour on (and normal sticks) and no armour with padded sticks. If so how dose it compare and do can you go all out with padded sticks to the head, If anyone has any input I would love to read it, thanks.
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    Opinions on this are probably going to vary a lot. Personally...I don't like the idea of going full on to the head unless it's using both padded sticks and head protection. There are some injuries that can still be sustained with a padded stick (eye damage for example), and the damage a padded stick can do may depend on how the stick is made.

    Sounds like you are really enjoying your training! :)
  3. arnisador

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    Yes, eye protection is a must!

    I spar with and without armour. Armour is smarter, but...I hate the restricted movement. I prefer unarmoured.
  4. sifu uga

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    Padded sticks are wonderful tools. Anytime you don't wear protection it's important to use control and limit the force of your shots. Not to mention possibly limiting your target selection. A padded stick can still knock you out. Gloves and head gear should be basic requirements for moderate contact.
  5. Thanks for your imput guys, I have just recently sparred with a padded stick (not foam but a real stick with very little padding) and I am very bruised but man was it fun, we did wear helmets, gloves and elbow pads and I can see the importance for eye protection in full contact sparring.
  6. Brian R. VanCise

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    After you have learned enough and are capable the best way to spar in my opinion is with a fencing mask, gloves, elbow & knee protection with real rattan and that is it. (With striking and grappling) Definately adds a little realism. However, up to that point sparring with padded sticks is a good start and gets people over the initial fear of being hit and then moving onto armor and real rattan. Once a practitioner has sparred with padded sticks and then armor after awhile they should be good to go with a fencing mask, rattan, etc. Just my 02.
  7. arnisador

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    I too feel sparring with rattan is essential...though since it involves being hit with an actual stick, I'm a little reluctant to suggest it to others sometimes.
  8. Brian R. VanCise

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    Yes it is something that people should grow into!
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    Originally Posted by arnisador [​IMG]
    I too feel sparring with rattan is essential...though since it involves being hit with an actual stick, I'm a little reluctant to suggest it to others sometimes.

    Sparring with rattan is not only essential it's the best way that you can get over the fear of being hit. I am very pro sparring with rattan from the get go and also without Armour. So what if you get a little mouse over the eye, or bruised knuckles or smacked shoulder. Sparring without Armour and with an unpadded stick increases your hand/eye coordination, speed, flexibility and tactics. The more you practice this way the less often you are apt to get hit. When you do get hit because you go with the ebb and flow with the movements in the time of contact fighting you are more likely to reduce the amount of damage that may occur to yourself.
  10. Sisco T.

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    i'm with the others who advocate eye protection when sparring. whether your sparring with no, little, or some rules, soft stick or rattan, i believe eye protection should be top priority. whether it be WEKAF headgear, fencing mask, eye goggles, etc. eye injury, or worse than that, is one ''accident'' you don't want to have.

  11. Brian R. VanCise

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    Having been nicked in the eye back in the day when protection was alot more minimal I would definately concur with this. One slip is all it takes after all. [​IMG] (Oh and yes my eye is okay [​IMG] but another fraction of an inch and it might not have been)
  12. arnisador

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    I nearly took out my son's eye with a wooden tanto...and that was just doing a technique, not sparring!
  13. silat1

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    I used to spar with out armor, but one time I had a guest instructor come in and demonstrate his art.. there was an incident that caused one of my students to have to be airlifted off island due to an eye injury.. It almost cost him his sight.. After that, when we spar it is with eye protection and biking or weight lifting gloves as protection for the hands..

    There's something about the sting of rattan in sparring that brings out the essence of true combativeness.. It increases the blood pumping and the adrenalin coursing through your nervous system and blood system that makes you feel like a real warrior.

  14. Master Vince

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    I have sparred with just a helmet, elbow guards, gloves, groin cup and the knee guards, and may I say that it certainly does bloody hurt, but what a rush of adrenalin through the body, YEEEEOOWEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    When I di a seminar in Indonesia last year, we all fought without the armour, and I sparred every student for 3x1 minute rounds, there were 10
    people there that day, and man was I red, black and blue because of it!

    The real rattan cane keeps you honest and alert! (Try it if you dare, OK!)

    I do not really advise doing this type of sparring without headgear, or you stand the chance to lose an eye, so its really just not worth it at all!

    Always show respect to your sparring partner, or you can really do a lot of damage to their body, and then you won't have a sparring partner for a while, OK!

  15. St. Bernard

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    I've never used foam sticks but have sparred heavily with action flex's. Catching one of those across the face will get your attention, most assuredly. I didn't see anyone mentioning mouth guards when they spar, but I've seen enough guys get concussions to tell you that they are essential when you are going heavy.

    I've never sparred with rattan, but have been hit full contact with sticks all over the torso. I think people are more afraid of the idea of being hit than they are of the actual pain. Pain is pain. Baby Demon caught me on the fingertip with the plastic cap of one of those foam kid's training sticks today and it stung like hell. Little six year old b$$$tard...)
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  16. robertlk808

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    I concur! Eye protection is a must... :)

    I like using both but I usually try to work the same game with and without armour however I will be more experimental with armour just so I can try out new moves.
  17. Christian

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    I could not agree more to that. That is also our sparring progression and it seems to work. Up to this point we never had any mayor injury - obviously the right mindset of the training partners is very important.


  18. langgaw

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    .....for safety purposes , yes use eye guard specially for beginers. The rest of the body is okay w/o protection. For advanced, there is no use for protection unless your partner is a novice or beginner. The advance peeps are usually in control of their stick and the skills are more honed when it comes to almost reality fight s( with utmost control an discipline) with real sticks and real time sparring.
  19. geezer

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  20. Pat OMalley

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    Well I have fought with armour, without, live stick padded stick and a few in between.

    If you are going to spar padded stick (rattand stick wrapped n foam with canvas cover) I would more than highll recommend head gear, get a good whack on the head with the padded stick and no helmet, you are going down.

    We had our padded stick national championships yesterday where they had just head gear and a groin box and I spend a good portion of the day cleaning up blood from the cuts on the hand and the body, so yes at least wear head gear, after all you have to get up for work in the morning and you dont think I was born this ugly do you.

    Train hard but train safe I always say But when you fight, give it all you got for you have nothing to lose but your ego.

    Best regards


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