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Discussion in 'General' started by ryangruhn, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. ryangruhn

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    I am going to be organizing a sparing day to help our fighters ready for the next Dog Brothers ~ Gathering of the Pack. I'd like to use this email as a prob to see who all might be interested in coming to Central PA to do a day of sparring.

    I won't be shy in saying that we spar pretty hard. Fencing mask and street hockey gloves are the only protection and anything goes. We are looking for people who will test us not only in the weapons department (single & double stick, knife, etc.) but also in empty hand areas as well (punching & kicking, ground work, throws, etc.)

    We use a minimum of 1"X28" sticks and are willing to go heavier if others are into it. I will say however that this is "sparring" and not fighting. As such, we do pull shots that we feel would completely incapacitate a person. This however, doesn't mean that we don't look make some serious contact with each other.

    Matches are usually 2-5 minutes depending on how long you want to go and are done in our 22' Octagon at the gym.

    Anyone interested please respond to this post so we can start assembling a list of potential participants. Once we get a good size group we will figure out the best day and time for everyone to meet. If you are in the area, please don't be shy. Come and test your skills in real contact with us!


    Dog Ryan Gruhn
    Head Instructor - Central PA DBMA Training Group
    Lion Heart Fitness, State College, Pa
  2. Killbot

    Killbot Sereeus Biznus

    What day/s? I live about three hours away, so I doubt I can make it, but if it is on the right day I might be able to.

    I haven't practiced full contact for awhile, so this might be fun.
  3. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    What day? If I'm available I maybe down.
  4. Brian R. VanCise

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    Sounds great Ryan. Looks like you get after it like we do here in Michigan! Enjoy your sparring day! [​IMG]
  5. geezer

    geezer Member

    Sounds really cool. Some folks out here want to do something similar. Please post back to let us all know how it works out... as well as any recommendations regarding rules and equipment. A videoclip would be great too.

    By the way... how are street hockey gloves different from regular hockey gloves (which are available used and really cheap)?

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