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    So I'm going to be away from training for the next month or so, and I was wondering what some good things to practice solo are. I know I can run through the solo stick drill, but what I really want to keep sharp are my empty-hand skills, does anyone have any ideas to maintain these? I am not adverse to building anything. Empty hands are (so far) the only part of the system I have used live, so it's very important to me to keep them as sharp as possible. So far I've been working shadow sparring and continuously hitting a bag with a variety of strikes using tabata intervals, might as well get a workout while training. More fun that way. I've also been running through some patterns for multiple attackers. I'm trying to get a few bags hanging near each other so I can practice them with full-force striking. One idea I have, but haven't yet tried is to try stringing along counter-offensive moves in a slow, tai chi speed to help with flow.


    Edit: Does anyone have any experience with Keating's Dequerdas? Seems like it might be the ticket
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    Pekiti Tirsia Kali Homework

    These are simple homework assignments I provide for our students at the Tactical Arts Academy. See if there is something that will help you. The focus of these is really to build solid body mechanics and develop stamina. I recommend you record your sessions in a journal to keep yourself motivated and to critique your progress. Happy training!

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