Slicing the pie

Discussion in 'Marksmanship Arts' started by equilibrium, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. equilibrium

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    Ok. some people on the forum think my pekiti tirsia gun fu is dangerous and unworkable. whatever. Here is a more traditional, acceptable and universal technique I think all will find viable.

    Slicing the pie. So stay back from cover like a brick wall, only expose enough of yourself to be able to shoot the bad guy, and if multiple opponents, only expose yourself to one of them at a time. So engage one, move out just enough to see and engage the other and so on and so forth. So you are slicing the pie, not exposing or engaging the whole room at one time but taking it safely one slice at a time.

    And of course, don't stick your arm out past the cover. You know what someone on the other side of the brick wall will do with a knife or sword if you do that. Stay back from the cover. It is an angle thing, not a getting close to the cover thing. Most people get too close to the cover and stick their arm out past it. No need to do that, if they can't see you they can't shoot you, no need to be close and also maybe more danger from ricochet.
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    All this talk of angles in shooting always reminds me of learning hockey and about the angles for shooting on/defending the goal and for bouncing the puck off the boards!
  3. PG Michael B

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    All this talk of slicing the pie has me thinking of attacking a freshly baked pecan pie (tactically of course) I see your point as well...Go Penguins!
  4. Vitamin Water

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    Okay, A couple of my thoughts here.

    Slicing the pie can be fluid, or have a broken, choppy rythm. You aren't looking for the bad guy, but target indicators of the bad guy, such as a boot, a gun muzzle, or a shoulder. At the same time, engaging from the corner can be good or bad. There could be more bad guys, and shooting one, then slicing the pie to the next doesn't always work. You may need to do a "Semi-dynamic entry", meaning slice the pie to the first guy, and slice in the other direction as well if it is a door, or T-intersection. When engaging, sticking your head out and firing tends to not lead good results in training, And doing a dynamic movement proactively, such as the Pekiti Take Off to enter and shoot the guy down, is preferred for me. Also, if you are slicing and the bad guy walks directly into your line of sight, do you have a technique for it? Would you enter, or possibly drop extremely low? Interesting. I take a lot of low, ground movement from the systema training I have done that is CQB oriented. Also, you may consider very quickly crossing the threshold of a room (if it is one) if you need to quickly bypass the room. Not all rooms need extremely thorough clearing; situation dictates tactics at the end of the day, and being ready for any situation is important. Try looking at things in term of the situation (bad guy in room) rather than the tactic you are learning (Slicing the pie, spetsnatz drop, or whatever) and you may find much more useful results for you personally, or the situation at hand.

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