Slash-resistant Clothing.

Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by arnisador, Jan 26, 2008.

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    Hmmm...the website they have is really lacking in technical specs for this stuff. I wonder if its like the material I have at work, or if its something new. If it is as resistant as industrial safety gear, but less bulky, it would be well worth the money.
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    Yeah, I had the same thoughts--I'm intrigued but would like to know a lot more before buying.
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    When I get to work today, I'll write down the manufacturer/brand name of the stuff I use there. The gloves feel like knit 'gardening type' gloves (two layers of yarn) not very bulky but certainly not 'casual wear'. The gloves are very light, but warm. They feel rather like the green woolen glove liners I wore in the US Army, the ones we put a black leather glove shell over. The gloves are an off-white color plastic fiber, like Kevlar, with slightly shiny and stiff looking individual fibers.

    The day we got the gloves at work, I tested them with a fixed blade box cutter (which has a 1-1/2" razor blade). I put a glove on my left hand, laid the hand on the work table, and slashed across the back of the hand 5 or 6 times with force. I could feel the pressure, but no edge, and my skin was unbroken. (The VP who brought me the gloves nearly fainted, though, he was completely startled by my 'real world test' mentality.) I tried again with as much force as I could put on the blade, leaning my weight onto the blade as I cut, and I got a red 'pressure welt' across my hand, but again no cut. I was satisfied with the slash resistance, and use these any time I have to make long cuts in material with a blade (I work in a graphic arts shop).

    The weave is too open to prevent a puncture wound, however. The point of the razor blade can just reach between the fibers to give you a prick, and I expect that any sort of narrow blade (icepick to half inch wide) would have little trouble at all punching right through, by displacing the fibers. This comes as no surprise, as I wear chainmail in the SCA, and it has similar strengths and weaknesses. But as a defense against slashing threats, its very effective. If I had a hooded sweatshirt with this stuff as the liner, it would be as warm (insulated) as my 'freezer jacket', but safer.
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    Typing at work. The brand of slash resistant clothing we have here is called "Whizard" specifically the "Handguard IIa" model glove, marketed by Wells Lamonte under their 'industrial protective garment' division.

    I see that my gloves are EN 388 compliant, which matches what I see on the Bladerunner brand gear, so I imagine it must be equivalent protection/bulk.

    That gives us an idea of what Bladerunner is offering in their line of clothing! Slash, but not puncture, proof.
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    Sounds like it would be bulky, then...what's on the website looks good but I'm sure it's posed just-so. I saw this on MT and someone there said they had tried on a jacket and it was OK.

    Thanks for doing the research!

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