Single Stick Sumbrada - Low & Middle Box

Discussion in 'Inosanto Kali' started by Guro Chris, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Guro Chris

    Guro Chris Member

    Here we have a video that I put together showing some of the variations of the 3 point sumbrada. With the variations, there are about 48 different basic combinations.

    As with all patterns, they are meant to be broken. It teaches the how. Yet it is a concept.
    It all comes down to application.
  2. jwinch2

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    Guro Chris,

    It has been a while since I studied Lacoste-Inosanto Kali, but from what I remember, the Sumbradas were taught to me with the emphasis that the attacks had to be targeted realistically. Perhaps your intent here was just to show the pattern, but I was wondering if you might comment on that.

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  3. Guro Chris

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    The video was used to show the variations of the pattern as a teaching tool. I do agree that all attacks should go to a proper target.

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