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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by SuperToe, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Mono

    Mono Member

    Personally I find it hard to do Throws and Disarms without a Partner so I focus more on the Various Striking Styles and Methods...

    Its kind of like Shadowboxing (No Weapons) and doing Armlocks, Throws etc...

    Sometimes I try to focus on a specific Striking Style or Method (Figure 8 in all Variations) and sometimes I go for everything - depends on my mood I guess...

  2. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member

    Its not kinda like Shadowboxing. It is shadowboxing!

    You should try to put in diferent elements in your Shadowboxing..

    You'll notice a big difference in your game!!

  3. Mono

    Mono Member

    Well, of course it is...

    I just meant "Shadowboxing" as one might know it from western Type of Boxing... Using only Strikes.

    I do put all elements into my Carenza - its just that I prefer strikes - well, at least when I want to go full speed and focus on "power";
    Throws and Takedowns usually stop the Flow a littel - its basically the same as doing Sumbrada or any other cycle-drill - as soon as you ad a Takedown or some other "finishing Technique" ther is a brake. So this to me is more of a "technical" Carenza...

  4. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member

    I find myself really only using Carenza with single stick!

    What do you guys perfer?
  5. Mono

    Mono Member

    I do too...
    But I like to change Weapons:
    Stick (of various Weight)
    Bolo (light, shorter sword)
    Longer, heavy Stick (for the Lack of a Kampilan :( )

    The Body and Striking Mechanics are allways different for each type of weapon...

    But I also do Double Stick and Espada Y Daga - just not as often, and sometimes Knife...
    Bare Hands Carenza is usually part of all my non FMA Training (but I use FMA methods as well).

    This just raised another question:
    Do you train mainly right (strong) hand or do you regularly switch hands?
    (Not only in Carenza but in all Solo Baston training!)

    I try to work on both hands...

  6. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member

    When I do the freestyle Im always switching between Left and right side.

    But when Im doing drills and such..

    I Find myself going to my strong side. Also because when someone gets to a high level then tend not to show up anymore.!!

    I have 2-3 partners I train with that I just my left hand. My left hand is that bad, but Its just slower speed training.!


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