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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by SuperToe, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. SuperToe

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    Does anyone one here know the curriculum for the Solo Baston In the Inosanto Kali System..

    I know quite a bit of the single Stick section, but was wondering if there was a set to follow!

  2. ChrisFry

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    Guro Harley Elmore of Warriors Way International has produced some excellent video's on the Inosanto/Lacoste System. Check with him.

  3. SuperToe

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    I have had the single stick dvd for sometime now. Its very well done.

    I was asking more, which do you learn first, how deep does each get etc.

    Take for example

    1-2-1 Blitz.

    Punyo Sumbrada - On gurus elmores dvd this gets very in depth!

    Contra Sumbrada
  4. Epa

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    There is no set order in which Guro Dan teaches different progressions. He has different progressions laid out in his notebook, but he often teaches them a little differently each time. From the training that I've done with him, these are the major areas of his single stick.

    Long Range counters to opponent's strikes:
    1. Backhand
    2. Forehand
    3. Meet
    4. Follow
    5. Meet-Follow
    6. Follow-Meet
    7. Evade

    Stickfighting basics:
    1. Down X
    2. Up X
    3. Sun line
    4. Moon line
    5. Lawin (abanico)
    6. Wind line
    7. Redondos (3 ways)

    Abecedario Contradas-

    1-2-1 Blitz entries

    Blitz tactics in long/medium range
    1. Praction
    2. Florete
    3. Pusdac Luac
    4. Hanos Travis
    5. Rapillon
    6. Witik-Labtik

    Sumbradas- I believe there is an 18 sumbrada progression that Guro Dan has taught in the past. I haven't seen it.

    Hubud drills

    Break in Break out- Connecting long range striking pattern, to sumbradas, to hubud and back out.

    Close Quarters finishes:
    1. Disarms and Disarm counters
    2. Kunsi
    3. Throws
    4. Trapping to striking

    This is the general outline I use for single stick that I've learned from Guro Dan. As far as depth goes, I think there's a lot of depth in each area of solo baston, but I haven't personally seen it in each area. I think that's primarily because I'm still relatively new to the art. Since I've been training with Guro Dan, he's been teaching a lot of blitz material so I can see the depth there.

    I hope this helps,
  5. Mono

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    Talking about Single Stick...

    I was wandering how many Striking/Numbering Systems Guro Inosanto is Teaching/has been Teaching...

    I do have two different Teachers who are certified by Dan Inosanto.
    One is Teaching a 24-Strike Numbering System, the other uses a 17-Strike System.

    What Numbering System do you use and how / what Strikes are they?

    Thanks for any Reply :)

  6. SuperToe

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    I have the striking pattern up to 30. I was told it goes to 45+

    Epa What is hanos!! I totaly forgot what it is!!
  7. Mono

    Mono Member

    Is this also a Striking pattern taught by Inosanto?
    How / what strikes are they?

    A little note: the 17 pattern is not just a "shorter" version of the 24 pattern - they use a different Order of the Strikes...

    But I have learned the 24 strikes in 5 progressing Steps:
    6 Strikes, 12 Strikes, 15 Strikes, 20 Strikes, 24 Strikes.

  8. SuperToe

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    This is the only striking pattern we have, An instructor under Guru dan taught it to my inst.

    1 - 8 basic eight count.

    9-12 two downward x's w/ two upward x's

    13-14 forehand and backhand towards the throat

    15 stepping back #8

    16 -reverse angle 1

    17-18 - thrust up the 1 line. then downward the 1 line.

    19-20 two hand grip straight and at an 45

    21 stepping back, redondo type strike over the head

    22-23 two hand grip straight and at an 45

    24-25 vertical redondo then 45 degree redondo

    26-27 angled thrust to the temples

    28-29 witiks to the head

    30 reenforced angle 8 into a squat.

    Its pretty hard to write it out sorry.. any questions just ask.
  9. Mono

    Mono Member

    It would make it a little Easier if you mentioned what your Basic 8 Count is ;)

    Ill try to write out the 24 Count...

    1 Forehand diagonally Down
    2 Backhand diagonally down
    3 Horizontal forehand to ribs/Elbow
    4 Horizontal backhand to ribs/Elbow
    5 Thrust to Stomach
    6 Forehandstab to Throat (or Vertical Strike to Head when doing 6 Count)
    7 Floretti from strike 6 to "Strike1" to colarbone
    8 Circular Backhand Stab to throat
    9 forehand to left Knie
    10 backhand to right Knie
    11 Diagonal forhand Upward
    12 Diagonal Backhand upward
    13 Horizontal Forehand to Head

    14 Horizontal Backhand to Head
    15 Outside Vertical Redondo (Step forward w. left foot)
    16 Backhand Redondo on "Strike 2"
    17 Sonquete diagonal upward from open to closed
    18 Forehand Redondo on "Strike 1"
    19 Inside Vertical Redondo
    20 Backhand Witik to Head
    21 Forehand Witik to head
    22 Forehand Abaniko to Head
    23 Backhand Abaniko to Head
    24 Vertical downward (two handed, squatting down)

    Hope thats understandable :)

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  10. SuperToe

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    1-8 are

    Collar, collar, hip, hip, thrust to belly, backhand Thrust to Lung, Forehand thrust to heart, Top of head.

  11. Mono

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    Thanks! :)
  12. Epa

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    Hanos is a beat against the opponent's blade with the flat of your blade that's done palm down. If you had the palm up it would be pusdac. To me it kind of looks like an abanico, but I think there's more arm motion behind to help kill an incoming strike. Guro Dan has also called the motion Tihaya, Piga, or Kulob.

  13. SuperToe

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    Thank-you very much EPA!

    I couldnt remember those words to safe my life!!

    So the next in the series would be Media Frila correct?
  14. SuperToe

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  15. Mono

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  16. SuperToe

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    Yeah thats me!

    I find wacthing a video way better then reading. So From now on ill post a video with my questions or answers!
  17. Mono

    Mono Member

    Thats quite a good Idea :)

    I am looking forward to your future Posts and questions :) :)
  18. SuperToe

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    What is another good Single Stick Topic?


    Any ideas there Mono??
  19. Mono

    Mono Member

    Well, I dont know...

    Actually I am not thet much Into Inosanto Blend right now...
    Since I am going to go to the philippines in a couple of weeks I am concentrating more on Styles that are Practiced there (Modern-Arnis, Pekiti-Tirsia as well as looking at Balintawak & Doce Pares...)

    But anything is fine :)

    How about Carenza?
    How do you all practice Carenza? Do you have "prearranged patterns" you work on and/or combine or is it completely Freelancing?

    Or how about Sumbrada...
    I ve read about twelve Stages of Sumbrada Training used in the Inosanto System - maybe someone can elaborate and explain a little about that! (What are they? How are they practiced?)

    As I said, anything is finde by me and if I an Idea pops Up I will post it :)

  20. SuperToe

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    When I practice Carenza. I incorporate everything I can, Strike's, throws, disarms, (footwork glory)!

    I find it very difficult to only use a certain section( Ex. Only Strikes!)

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