Similarities between Kombatan Freestyle and Balintawak?

Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by Twist, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. kindred

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    there is a style called birada that has a great freestyle system that leads into great takedowns
  2. kindred

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    it seems that pretty much everyone has trained with a lot of different people , or dabbled in styles and then made their own ,, i think holding back moves is wrong , if you were teaching some one to drive would you hold back knowledge , when you teach people a trade do you hold back knowledge no ,, so why are martial artists so afraid to show moves like that is going to be the thing that makes them better than anyone else ,knowledge should flow and hey if you teach something to someone and they get better than you , that doesnt matter it is probably cause you have taught them well and you should be proud of that ,,at some stage you are going to get past it, but if you are free with knowledge and take people on their merrits not their wallet you can feel that you have been a true martial artist and proper roll model ,,holding back techniques comes from not being at one with yourself and really being afraid you have nothing more to give , but if you flow with your students and they in turn respect you for what you have shown and done there shouldnt be a macho alpha male problem .. be free and at harmony
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    On the contrary sir. GM Presas never finished his training in Balintawak. although 'Manong Anciong Bacon taught him balintawak but was cut short because GM Presas travel a lot to find other FMA styles. The Tapi-Tapi is not of Balintawak subsystem - the grouping system of Balintawak is unique as GM Villasin had been teaching his students (now masters). But I commended GM Presas's abilites to merge all that he learned from dfferent styles... he's one the few masters that made the FMA popular.

    I know this from my cousin who happened to be a Balintawak instructor.
  4. StixMaster

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    There are Instructors in Kombatan that give knowledge!

    There are still FMA schools that exist that trains the students with the expectation of the student becoming the best that they can be. One school like that is in San Francisco run by GM Robert Castro, it is called Eskabo Daan, it is a mixed system that incorporates Kombatan,Serrada,Kali,Boxing,Ju-jit-su etc... but uses a short stick, GM Castro recently returned from the Kombatan camp promoted to 9th Dan in Kombatan by GGM Ernesto Presas, whom GM Castro was taught by personally. Also promoted was GM Lito Concepcion to 9th Dan in Kombatan. GM Robert Castro does not hold back knowledge from those who train with him, he just asks the student to be committed to the training. He doesn't charge a lot $ 10- $15 a lesson . There are still FMA instructors that do truly care about their students.
  5. StixMaster

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    GM Lito Concepcion & GM Robert Castro both were personally trained by GGM Ernesto Presas but they themselves fused that training with what they knew already but one can see the Kombatan in their teaching. They both say that there is Balintawak influence in Kombatan. Kombatan itself I feel is a FMA fusion art. It is said that GM Robert Castro fused Kombatan with Cabales Serrada that he learned from GGM Angel Cabales, who learned De Cuerdas from GM Feliciscimo Dizon. Thats why I'm saying that they all seem to be a form of MMA. Kombatan also has elements of classical arnis as well. Now if we are talking about fighting range, long, medium and short or close (serrada) now here are some similarities or influences with Balintawak. FMA Fusion, Bruce Lee did with JKD !
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    Kindred, I know what you Birada system is teaching. We all finish off with take downs. This is the finishing moves of the Presas family. ONce they come in and counter they finish you off by taking you down and control the situation.

    Birada is a system formulated by Roger Solar a junior of ours in Kombatan/Ernesto's System. He is very talented. He has a deep knowledge of GM Ernesto's style because he was the main training partner and best friend of Jan Presas. Unfortunately, there was a fall out. I will not dabble in to it. But he is very talented. You are lucky to have him as an instructor.

    does he have an email I can contact him through? PM it to me please if you would be so kind to. Thanks.
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    i am very sure that Remy did not finish Balintawak under Anciong Bacon...
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    I'm not saying that he learned the entire system. What I'm saying is that GM Bacon was the last person that GM Remy trained Balintawak with.

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