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    Hello All,
    I had the chance to train recently with two great instructors in Bahad Zubu over the weekend. We really had a chance to explore and ask questions pertaining to each other arts. The instructor were Mark B. and Fedrico M. from Minnesota, I think they are on this forum. Nevertheless, the two big differences that stuck out between DTS (what I do) and Bahad Zubu is that in DTS thrusts are not just debilitating but finishers (this is not too say Bahad does not have finishing thrust or anything negative like that).....Also DTS does not work as much Enganyo to gain the initiative and overwhelm the opponent.
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    Hey John,

    Had a great time training and hanging out with you guys. DTS is an awesome style and I really enjoyed how you presented it and I can appreciate why GM Tortal and others have such high regard for your skill in both executing and teaching the art.

    Thanks again for welcoming us out to your school and sharing DTS with us!!!

    Much respect,

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    Hi John,

    Just wanted to chime in as well and thank you for your hospitality and generosity. It was a pleasure to train with you, and like Mark, I really enjoyed your presentation of DTS. Definitely it was fun to compare and contrast the different styles, and it is always interesting to see how blade arts often share much in common. A definitely powerful and effective style that is direct and to the point.

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    I can tell you from experience that John knows his stuff.. We met when I arrived in Chicago back in 05, but I fell off of the grid due to work schedule and stayed that way until almost a year before I came back.. We did a seminar detailing knife use from different systems of FMA. John and I partnered up when one of the kenpo guys was doing kenpo knife and we basically started playing with the variations of what we both teach.. I showed John the lifting and clearing from Balintawak as applied to the use of a bowie knife when combined with the sinko tiros system that I also teach.. John showed me the DTS system and I was hooked on DTS since then.. John and I exchanged the different applications of both the systems I teach and John does for almost a year until I came back to the Island.. I am fortunate to have met John and consider him one of my good friends in the FMA in the midwest area.. Nice to see that John is still slinging the DTS stick along with training with other guys.. This is the filipino martial arts family tradition at it's best.
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    DTS is a great system with really good people involved! Glad that John had the opportunity to train in Bahad Zubu which is also a great system as well! ;)

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