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    (I originally posted a version of this here.)

    There is a brief interview in the current issue of Martial Arts Illustrated (Vol. 18, No. 9, Feb. 2006) with Aziwahija Yeop of Malaysian Silat (Seni Gayung Fatani Silat, translated as "Malay Art of War" by the interviewee; headed by Tuan Haji Anuar Abd Wahab). The interviewer is Dannio Khalid, and the interview is promoting a March 2006 seminar by Mr. Yeop in the U.K.

    (The rough English is in the original.) Stickwork is also shown in a picture; possibly these are thin wooden swords (the picture is blurry). Silat Olahraga (sport silat) is also mentioned.
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    Silat is used to train Malaysian Road Transport Department officers. Karate is also taught. Assaults on the officers have included machete attacks.
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    Music for the fight, movements for the soul Fight-choreography in West Java is a source of cultural pride


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