Silat Kalam: Islamic Martial Art By Antonio Graceffo

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    Silat Kalam: Islamic Martial Art By Antonio Graceffo
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    <div>Silat Kalam: Islamic Martial Art
    A Malaysian Art Tied Closely to the Religion of Islam
    By Antonio Graceffo

    Guru Mazlan man stood in a neutral stance, hands at his side, feet side by
    side, a natural and relaxed stance, which is the starting point of all
    Silat Kalam movements. I threw a punch at his face. He blocked my punching
    arm, knocking it skyward. Next, he drove his knee into the tendons at the
    back of my knee joint. He was only going at a quarter speed, but the pain
    was incredible. After 50 years of martial art practice, the Guru was
    perfect. In every movement, I could feel his bones cutting through my
    flesh and digging into my nerves.

    He placed his shin bone against the back of my knee and leaned forward. I
    had no choice but to fall down, on one knee. Next, he stomped down hard on
    my calf muscle which was flat on the ground. Then he backhanded me in the
    face, and I fell backward. My body was completely locked. My own natural
    skeletal structure had betrayed me. The only way I could stand back up was
    if the Guru removed his foot from my calf muscle and then reached a hand
    down, to help me stand.

    This was Silat Kalam, an art designed to completely subdue an attacker,
    but never to be used as an attack.


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