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    I have a stock of new custom designed martial arts pants for Silat, FMA, MMA and Yoga, while they last, if you're interested email me. Available in 100% cotton mediumweight or 100% rayon lightweight, easy care and machine washable. Black color only, free size, adjustable waist, sewn in belt 54", inseam 32", total length 48", convenience pocket located on the inside rear waist level. Size is adjustable for the waist by folding fabric at the front and the length is adjusted by rolling fabric at the waist, fits small to large men or women, may be altered/shortened for a better fit, I intentionally made them extra long for a wider range of sizing.
    These version of pants were fashioned after the traditional clothing from the islands of Mindanao and Sulu in the Philippines, in Tausug they are called "kantiu", the Silat pants have been known throughout Southeast Asia for their versatility in warmer weather and everyday use, a form of pants used through the ages by the masters of old, the Silat pants have once again become the popular clothing of choice among modern day martial artists.
    Priced at $25 each plus $6.50 shipping US Priority mail insured.
    Paypal or money order preferred.
    Email for photos or see the "Silat Pants" at my Ebay ID- theusostore
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    I'll be offering a version of the FMA/Silat pants in 100% silk black, great for special occasions and choice material for demos, limited quantities, contact for advanced reservations.
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    For thoughs who don't know me personally, these ventures to sell products related to our culture are sidelines and a way of funding and donating to various projects and scholars I'm still connected with back in the Philippines- preserving Malay living traditions, poverty relief and developing historical landmarks.
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    any Pictures??
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    Photos are posted on my ebay- theusostore
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  7. mabagani

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    The original "uso" FMA pants can now be found here. Donations from the sale go towards preserving living traditions, poverty relief and developing historical landmarks in the Philippines.
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    I just bought a pair of these pants on ebay in cotton and just ordered another pair in rayon. They are comfortable and well made. To fit them to you waist size is easy - you fold them at the waist and roll them down like you would a sarong. They needed a little hemming, but all my pants do (Filipino heritage and all :) ). They are traditional but are functional and they look good. Great product!
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    Any pictures as to how they look when they are worn on a smaller person?

    I can't really picture anything cut large enough for a large man can scale to fit me comfortably...but this may be my own ignorance. :)
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    re: pants, they fit a wide range for the waist and cut extra long so would need to be hemmed for smaller sizes. you can always try them and send them back if they don't work out. email or message me, thanks

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