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Discussion in 'Sikaran' started by arnisador, May 18, 2006.

  1. The Game

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    Sounds like you're saying only a Filipino in the PI can be legit. Bit of a bigoted attitude. Tells me a great deal about you.

    Now, where is that ignore feature again?
  2. nero

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    Seems like your the one with a bigoted attitude. I know some facts that you dont know about but your too smart to accept it. Dont let your big head blind you from the point Im saying. Facts can be found from its roots/source Amen. Dont hate, appreciate you ******.

    Good Game The Game,
  3. James Miller

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    do you know or have heard anything about this school:

    They about about an hour and a half from me and thought I might check it out.
  4. langgaw

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    Mr Miller,
    Try and talk to Master Lito. He runs the placeand can give you a rich history of the Sikaran a nd its realtion to the other sikaran schools.
  5. nero

    nero New Member

    Unfortunately not, I barely found out information about that school couple of days ago when I was googling "sikaran". You should check it out.
  6. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member

    Langgaw & Nero-

  7. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    I have kept out of the thread on Sikaran for a while watching it evolve in a manner i expected. Of all the arts i know of Sikaran has been about the most blind in the way its followers believe in their individual instructors an grandmasters.
    I will repeat this one more time. Master Geronimo and Master Lagarejos met a few times and each recognized the other as a legitimate GM. If those living in the islands or the mainland or anywhere in the world refuse to acknowledge that others in the world may teach or know an art then that is not my fault but the blindness of the person.
    The fact that Sikaran has been around a long time and no one can truly find its origin, It was in many villages and known by many in different regions.
    I receive so many emails each year telling me I know nothing or that i incorrectly know the history of Sikaran in the usa. or "why don’t i call such and such my GM" that I usually just trash most of them. I am getting older and have only been doing Sikaran a little over 35 years so forgive me if I think some of the people who post such nonsense are ignorant of all the facts and I suggest that they contact their respective GM's and ask that GM about the other systems of Sikaran.
    I have known that their was more than one system of Sikaran since the first day I studied Sikaran because my system had no reason to hide the fact.
  8. The Game

    The Game Pain

    There are numerous systems of Sikaran. Some similar some not.
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Yes, it would be nice even to have a list of styles of Sikaran and their major characteristics. Once again, the history issue!
  10. wsabp

    wsabp New Member

    World Sikaran Arnis Brotherhood of the Philippines website

    Hello everybody and to all Sikaranista's and people who want to know the true origin and Grandmaster of our own Filipino Martial Arts. Sikaran's one and only real Grandmaster is Col. Meliton C. Geronimo from Baras, Rizal Philippines. I know a lot of people have been claiming to be the real Grandmaster of Sikaran but have a few information or non at all about where it originated and how it was developed. My friend Lito Jacla and I have made a website for our brotherhood World Sikaran-Arnis Brotherhood of the Philippines dedicated to promoting the real history of the martial arts with the address of the WSABP Headquarters for all who are looking for it. Please visit and see for yourself!
  11. wsabp

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    Yes I know this school. This is my friend's school in Toronto. Lito Jacla is a bonafide member of the World Sikaran Arnis Brotherhood of the Philippines and have won lots of international tournaments hosted by our chapters from the Philippines, Canada, Australia and more.

  12. wsabp

    wsabp New Member

    The World Sikaran-Arnis Brotherhood of the Philippines is the main Sikaran Headquarter of all Sikaranista's all over the world. All legitimate members and chapters around the world registers their members and their school to the main headquarters in World Sikaran Arnis Brotherhood Of The Philippines General Headquarters: 39 2nd St.Cavaliers Village, Sumulong Hway, Antipolo city SEC. REG. NO: 28343 and the one and only Grandmaster Col. Meliton C. Geronimo (Formerly aka Mayor Latigo) is the one in charge of the organization. It used to be located in Baras, Rizal. If you go to Winnipeg they have their own chapters headquarter which all Sikaran schools in Winnipeg register and they send the registration to the WSABP HQ in the Philippines. The World Sikaran-Arnis Brotherhood of the Philippines have chapters in other countries and like Sikaran Arnis Brotherhood of Australia Chief Instructor: Jesse Diestro Address: 43 North Parade Campsie NSW, Australia 2194 Mobile: 0434 031 424 , Sikaran Arnis Jiu-Jitsu Association of Canada Professor Tom Sulit 206-4656 Westwind Dr. NE Calgary, Alberta [403] 837-KICK (5425) Riyadh Sikaran Arnis Martial Arts Organization & SIKARAN - RED FOX, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Chapter, Sulumgar Sikaran Arnis Instructor: Martin Lindgreen of New Zealand and more. Our Grandmaster and his students helped in promoting Sikaran in different parts of the world and that's how the World Sikaran-Arnis Brotherhood of the Philippines was created.

  13. Carol

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    Welcome to FMAtalk, Mr. Amores! :bow:
  14. arnisador

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    Of course I have heard of him! I have heard it two ways, though: That he founded the art, or that he codified the art from disparate Sikaran styles he had studied. In the latetr case, there could be other Sikaran styles that evolved separately. I don't know which happened.
  15. Far Walkers Moon

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    I refuse to ge tinto the old argument of who started teaching what first it has been documented already but I am happy to say
    Welcome to the forum and I look forward to reading may posts and perhaps seeing some old photos
  16. still lurking

    still lurking New Member

    why are their punches and stances look like karate based on the link below under Adult form in the pictures section?

    More power to Mayor Latigo.
  17. wsabp

    wsabp New Member

    The pictures on the website that I posted was an open tournament in Winnipeg, Canada on April 7, 2001. It was hosted by the Sikaran-Arnis Juijitsu of Canada. Other martial artist like Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kung-fu practitioners also participated in the Golden Boy Tournament.

    P.S. I have recently changed the website address to
    I will also add a link of an article about Sikaran by Emmanuel Querubin from April 1966 issue of Black belt magazine

  18. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    without getting into a pissing match I object highly to the statement
    the fact that Geronimo's people and organization refuse to acknowledge that anyone else in the world might know Sikaran and may have taught is is ridiculous
  19. wsabp

    wsabp New Member

    The World Sikaran Brotherhood of the Philippines does recognize that Sikaran is already being taught around the world. In fact we even mentioned the countries and Organizations from the countries. The website is not yet fully updated with the names of the schools recognized by the World Sikaran Brotherhood of the Philippines as members of the Brotherhood. The only thing we don't acknowledge is the fact that other schools and masters have taken credit as the Grandmaster of the Filipino Martial Art and say that Sikaran is no longer alive in the Philippines. When the fact is it is very much alive all over the Philippines and with the World Sikaran Brotherhood of the Philippines (Kapatiran ng Sikaran ng Pilipinas) and the students who trained in the Philippines, Sikaran is very much alive not only in the Philippines, but all around the world.

    Visit and read the history, articles and watch the videos provided on the link from YouTube.

  20. Far Walkers Moon

    Far Walkers Moon New Member

    I in no way intend to speak for Mr. Bedell but I believe if you look at all he has ever written about Sikaran you will find that he has always recognized that their was more than one Sikaran organization in the world and has complemented Mr. Geronimo many times on keeping Sikaran alive in the Philippians. The fact that the organization he was taught Sikaran in recognized that Geronimo also had an organization speaks highly for them , the fact that Geronimo’s people and organization seem to refuse to this day to state that Mr. Lagarejos was a grandmaster in his own right and of his own system of Sikaran dose not speak well of Geronimo’s organization.

    If Mr. Geronimo is still alive why not ask him about the meetings I have seen mentioned between himself and Mr. Lagarejos? Dose he deny that they ever happened? I believe it has been mentioned that at least one member of this forum was present and knows what went on so why is Mr. Geronimo so reluctant to put forth these facts.

    I do not see or understand the necessity for the denial that someone other than Geronimo or someone outside the village of Baras Rizal may have known Sikaran techniques and taught them. It has always been my impression that Sikaran was a generic term for any use of the foot/feet in combat ( please correct me if I am wrong).

    All of the school listed on the web page mentioned in your post belong to your organization and that I understand but I still do not understand why you think all people studying or knowing Sikaran must belong to that organization. Is this just nationalistic pride or just an attempt by the organization to forget that others in the Philippians also used their feet in combat and knew how to pass that knowledge on?

    On a nicer note that is a good web site you have set up

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