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    STAND up and be recognized: Atty. Avelino U. Falcon

    In a story on a Filipino working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a mention of the Sikaran Brotherhood Saudi Arabia that he founded. "Meanwhile, the martial arts enthusiasts of Sikaran were also promoted to the rank of black belt."
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    The Manila Times ran a series of articles on "Mayor Latigo" of Sikaran, but the links no longer work. However, Google appears to have some of them cached:

    (For the third link, scroll most of the way down to see the lead-in to the story. I think it's meant to lead to the fourth link.) These are from a "Playing It Safe" column that has also featured Arnis Lanada, Wedo Arnis, and other FMAs.
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    Sikaran GM in HoF.

    Pinoy best in Sikaran

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