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Discussion in 'Sikaran' started by pedro luis de jesus, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. pedro luis de jesus

    pedro luis de jesus New Member

    Hello this is my first time I'm a 2nd degree black belt my Master is Marcelino Collazo and yes we are training in the city of Salinas. I'm happy to comunicate with other brother's of Sikaran.
  2. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    Pedro, welcome to the forum.
    Please say hello to Master Collazo for me. I have not seen or comunicated with him in a few years. Actualy I was told he had retired, so I am happy to hear he is teaching.
    It is nice to have another Lagarejos student posting.
  3. Far Walkers Moon

    Far Walkers Moon New Member


    dont get frustrated by all the posting by Geronimos people . they post what they know which we know may not always be the whole truth in the matter of the study of Sikaran
  4. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Welcome kapatid pedro, i hope you like it here.

    Kapatid Far Walkers Moon,
    Not all of us are like that. I myself would never judge a martial artist of his Guro or affiliation. Call me old fashioned but I value a persons integrity,humility,skill and honor. I just hope politics won't get in the way of the growth of Sikaran as a whole, no mater what affiliation.
  5. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    whole haritly (sp) support your view on this

    it has been my mission since joining this forum and to promote Sikaran no matter who the instructor was. I simply want people to know that some folks have made this generic term for all Filipino foot fighting into a art in and of itslef. I do wish more people realised that it was taught in this country as far back as the 50"s by some one not of the Geronimo linebut that is small in comparision to the fact that i want to see it grow as an art and a way of warfare, and life
  6. Far Walkers Moon

    Far Walkers Moon New Member

    I guess I should make some type of apology.
    My statement above was not intended to offend any one individual but was a generalized statement based on how many of Geronimo’s followers and students come across on message boards, e-mails, and forums.
    Failure to recognize that many people in the islands practiced some sort of foot fighting and that others outside of their organization may have passed down a legacy which included Sikaran as a way of combat seems to be a major failure of many of Geronimo’s people.
    I have talked with, communicated by mail and e-mail, worked out with and passed knowledge back and forth with some of the people trained under the Geronimo system. Some acknowledged that there was more to sikaran that what they had been taught, some refused to accept any knowledge or fact that anyone other than there own instructors knew anything about foot fighting,.

    This digresses from just welcoming Pedro to the forum so once again I will apologize , this time to him for taking away from his thread.
    Pedro once again welcome to the forum. I hope to see posts by you on GM Lagerajos and of Sikaran and other subjects
  7. mabagani

    mabagani Pendato

    Good to see a Sikaran brother from Puerto Rico on the forum...I visited and trained at the PR schools about ten years ago with Master Lagarejos.
  8. pedro luis de jesus

    pedro luis de jesus New Member

    Hello Braulio is good to see other brothers I believe we have met. Sheldon, Master Collazo says hello and happy to know about you. And to Far Walkers Moon why should I be frustrated we are all SIKARAN brother's.

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