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    Wow, it has been a while since I posted or read these posts. I have no idea anymore how to get into my old account so I'm posting under "leopard"

    Yes, Lagarejos and Geronimo were communicating and had met a couple of times over the years. There was some talk of both joining forces but Lagarejos finally rejected the idea.

    Both systems have there merits and there faults. Having been trained in one and having worked out with people from the other I find many similarities. The simple fact is one stayed mostly with only kick while one added empty hands and some weapons over the years.

    I still think that acknowledgment should be made of both founding Grand Masters as they developed their respective ideas on the use of kicks and leg movement/use in the arts. I do know that Geronimo was always acknowledged as a GM of a different branch of Sikaran in the Largarejos schools.
    As for myself I have change the name of what I teach, as I know that I instruct way more than just kick these days, and wanted to reflect that fact.
    May all practitioners of Sikaran be happy and safe in their pursuit of knowledge
    Sheldon Bedell

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