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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by equilibrium, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Here is a teaser clip of Michael Casey. The video is mostly Wing Tzun, but you can see some Latosa Escrima influences in there at times I think, like when he is hitting the guy with his cell phone.

    It is very useful to go back to the root arts of JKD to better understand some of the techniques. I started in JKD concepts but then studied wing chun and FMA. I had a much better understanding of what I was being taught in JKD once I went back to some of the root arts.
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    Yeah, this definitely has Latosa Escrima concepts integrated into it. But as the EBMAS Wing Tzun system includes training in LWS or "Latosa Weapons System", this is exactly what you'd expect. Sifu Casey is a top level instructor of both WT and LWS. Although I'm not an EBMAS practitioner, I just got back from a seminar with GM Latosa, and Sifu Casey was there. The Latosa system isn't pretty, but it is very practical. Integrating things like LWS is one of the things I like about what Emin Boztepe has done with his EBMAS WT. He's really expanded and adapted his WT to meet today's realities.

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