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    Hi Guys,

    For those of you who have not heard a dear friend to the Lameco Eskrima Family has passed away. On August 20 2007 our Lameco Brother Larry Hartsell passed away... he will be missed!

    Sifu Hartsell was a legend and pioneer in Jeet-Kune-Do specializing in ground fighting. Sifu Hartsell began his Martial arts training in the 1950`s in the Japanese dicipline of Judo, then in the 1960`s he took up Kenpo Karate under Ed Parker, he served a tour of duty in Viet-nam (1966-1967) and on his return from completing his duties in the military through his long time friend and Instructor Dan Inosanto he was introduced and began training with Sigung Bruce Lee at the famed "China Town" school, later he was accepted as a private student under Sigung Bruce Lee at his house in Belaire California. Sifu Hartsell was also a student and friend of Dan Inosanto for more than 40 years.

    Larry Hartsell was introduced to Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite through Dan Inosanto and from day one he fell in love with both Lameco Eskrima and Edgar Sulite. My introduction to Larry was in 1994 where I would go with Punong Guro Sulite to Larry`s house and assist in his Lameco Eskrima lessons. In 1995 Edgar became very interested in ground fighting and asked Larry if he could take him through various aspects of the ground game so that Edgar could use that information to formulate a curriculum to better counter this combative genre while utilizing a bladed weapon in an effort to better balance the over all effect of Lameco Eskrima.

    Punong Guro Sulite and I would meet at Larry`s house and train him in Lameco Eskrima there after we would hit the ground and be put through our paces in ground fighting by Larry. Punong Guro Sulite was a very attentative training partner paying attention to the smallest details as Larry would demo all of the techniques, reversals and counters on me. Quite simply Sifu Hartsell was like a freight train with precise intention once he had you on the ground. There were times that I would get up and wonder if anything was broken. Punong Guro Sulite cherished these classes as did I as they gave both of us a fresh perspective of how powerful the ground game could be.

    After Punong Guro Sulite passed away in the Philippines in 1997 I stepped in as Larry Hartsell`s Lameco Eskrima Instructor at his request and I continued his training in the Lameco Eskrima curriculum. Over the last few years due to busy conflicting schedules I lost contact with Sifu Hartsell. So news of his demise was both shock and sadness. We have all lost a great influence and friend in the Martial Arts and to be sure he will be missed dearly. My condolences to his immediate family and especially to his wife Debra who survives him.

    Sifu Larry Hartsell (1942-2007) R.I.P.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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    Thank you for your personal story about Sifu Hartsell. I never had the honor to attend his seminars or study under him, however I can say second to Sifu Dan he was a major influence in my JKD development. I have all of his books and several of his DVDs. He was definitely a pioneer in the ground game, long before anyone ever heard of the Gracies or BJJ. Although I've never met him, he will missed. My condolences to his family as well.

    Anthony Chan
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    back a couple to few years ago when i did train at the inosanto academy i went to sifu/guro larry's class. i love boxing and the 2 times i went to his class it was VERY boxing oriented. ''dirty'' boxing tactics, panantukan, etc. awesome class, awesome. thing i remember about the class though wasn't the technical knowledge, but how nice he was to me. i wasn't a regular in class, and like i said i went only twice, but he always very interested to make sure i knew what i was doing and that he was TEACHING me not just showing me random techniques. if that class wasn't on tues & thurs mornings(the days at that time i'd be going to school) i surely would have been a reg. in that class. again it was the combo of the class itself but more of the person who's class it was.

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    RIP Mr. Hartsell. I grew up reading his books and magazine articles, he will be missed!
  5. kabaroan

    kabaroan Kabaroan

    On behalf of the Estalilla-Banusuelo Kabaroan Family, Iwith to extend our condolences to Sifu Hartsell's family and friends. He will be missed.
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    Wow! It seems like just yesterday when Sifu Hartsell was tossing us around on the mat, or showing us something new to add to our repertoire.
    A true martial arts legend.

    Goodbye my friend and teacher. Thank you for so much!

    Say "hi" to Bruce.....

    mike holba
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