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    Come one Come all. Welcome to the Citadel Combat Arena's Flagship event. The Short Blades Symposium.

    This is a CASH AND PRIZES Tournament that is split into three seperate events.
    - Knife / Dagger / Rondel fighting
    - Dussack / Messer / Machete fighting
    - Single hand test cutting

    This event uses the 2017 Combat Con Rules Modified Longsword Cut and Thrust rules as posted here at this link:

    your Judges have been selected from Various Fighting arts and Sparring communities. Each man chosen owns thier own school and has hosted a tournament of their own. All of these men are well repected in thier field of study and amoung their peers.

    Representing the HEMA community we have...

    - Lee Smith, of world Famous Blood and Iron ( Lead Director )
    - Jason Brown, of SwordGuild Portland ( Director and line judge)
    - one other unconfirmed community member too be announced

    Representing Pekiti Tirsia Kali...

    - Tuhon Micheal Franciotti west coast regional Tuhon ( line judge )
    - Guro Belton Lubas West Coast PTK Director owner of Warrior Strength ( line judge)
    - one other unconfirmed community member too be announced

    Special Guest apperance by Keynote Speaker will be Punong Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny, one of the founders of Dog Brothers Martial Arts!

    several schools will host $35 1 hour long Workshops, Detailed scheduels will be posted shortly. this fee is seperate from the main event registration fee and is paid directly too the school hosting the seminar / workshop.

    - Lee Smith of Bloodand Iron - Messer techniques of HEMA
    - Tony Huang of Blood and Iron - Rondel Techniques of HEMA
    - Belton Lubas of Warrior Strength Pekiti Tirsia Kali - PTK Double Knife workshop

    Prizes to be awarded are many custom knives from several makers and also several Machetes and a Custom Dussack and of course the CASH!

    the purse is based on registration participation... i.e. the more people that sign up, the larger the prize pool becomes, which means a larger payout for placers 1st through 3rd.

    Pre registration entry fee for this event is $100. this fee will last for a full 45 days, leading up to the cut off one week from event date. any cancelations will have 50% of thier funds refunded. any cancelation one week before event is subject to zero refund.

    walk in or day of registration is $125.

    preregistration gets you a Limited run Event shirt, a Cold Steel trainer that can be used in the knife fighting portion of event, entry to the after event Banquet and Awards cerimonies and a entry into a raffle for a door prize.

    our Sponsors are

    Purple Heart Armoury!
    Castille Armoury!
    Bastinelli Knives Italy!
    Battle Horse Knives!
    Lt. Wright Custom Knives!
    5Starr Cutlery!
    Hawthorne Cutlery!
    Cold Steel!
    Ambacht Breweries!

    Schools involved and participating

    Blood and Iron
    Sword Guild Portland
    Pekiti Tirsia Kali
    Dog Brothers Martial Arts
    many many more...

    please register early. this event is going to be a event that will be the talk of 2017, with some of the largest cash prizes to ever be awarded in such a event.

    there will be table vendors selling knives
    there will be schools showcasing thier arts
    there will be exibition matches
    there will be a chance too meet and greet with great men of the martial arts and men of great renown in their respective arts. All gathered under one roof. forming a community and bonds of brotherhood for all martial cultures that employ short blades of all styles.

    it is my pleasure to bring too you, the Citadel Combat Arena's First anual Short Blades Symposium.

    thank you so much.
    - Morgan Garrett, Owner and Founder of the Citadel Combat Arena LLC

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