Sharkee Folder Training Knife.

Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by arnisador, Oct 3, 2009.

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    I needed to get some new training blades (because I left mine at Tim Hartman's a few months ago). I ordered some more Sharkees, which I really like. I noticed they now had one in folder size. (The photo is from their site.) I got two to try. It's a nice size and like the big ones it feels good in my hand, but now I've got one that's closer to the size of blade I'm actually likely to carry. I compared it to my Wor-Tac, Gunting, and a cheap folder I had and found the "blade" on the trainer was shorter than on one, longer than on another, and the same as on the third, but all very close, and similarly with the handle. I'm glad to have these. They're as solid as the big Sharkees but of course harder to keep hold of due to their smaller size--just like any folder. They're comfortable in both sak-sak and pakal, though capping the handle with the thumb in the reverse grip is less so--the end could be more rounded.

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    Hey Arnisador I have a half dozen or so sharkee folding knives and they are very nice. Tie then in with a virtual blade kit and you have an excellent marking knife trainer. [​IMG]

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