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    Here is a handfull of various FMA clips that are currently circulating online.. I have a few hundred more and will post them as soon as possible.. its just a matter of sorting them out and categorizing them all... sorry if any of these have been posted previously

    FMA show on German Television

    Rodel Dagooc

    Bambit Dulay

    Cris Vasquez

    Kelly Worden

    Philip Wolf

    Historie Arnis

    Inayan escrima

    Ray Dionaldo


    Random stuff
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    Heres another batch.. I'll try to have the next batch organized a bit better...

    OLD legends of Arnis video (poor quality)

    Remy Presas & Rodel Dagooc sparring

    Bambit Dulay video clips

    Ray Dionaldo
    kerambit grip breakdown (Ray Dionaldo)


    Lapunti Arnis de Abanico

    empty hand drill

    Random Stuff
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    wow some of those are old but interesting to see how things where presented back then

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