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Discussion in 'Serrada' started by geezer, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. geezer

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    I'm not a Serrada player, but lately I've been working a little with some folks who are. I've been getting some conflicting opinions on Serrada ranges. Did GGM Cabales also use medio and largo? On another thread, some of you clarified his progression from longer to shorter sticks. Did this correspond with a greater emphasis on working very close in?
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    me personally, i dint mind how the other thread started as it served as a reminder to pay respect
    but other thread was closed. there were quite a lot of relies, so if u like u can copy and paste all the productive ones....
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    I can pull out the erlevant posts from that thread and merge them here or put them in their own thread. What would be most helpful?

    -FMAT Admin
  4. jbyrd808

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    Hey Geezer

    Who are you training with in Pheonix?
  5. geezer

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    RE training in PHX

    Right now I'm training in the DTE system with Martin Torres in Tempe, but I recently went to a seminar with Jon Ward pf Inayan Eskrima which comes out of GGM Cabales' Serrada, and I've worked a couple of times with Michael Butz who has Serrada experience. I find the variety of interpretations very interesing.
  6. StixMaster

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    Serrada works at all ranges, thats what makes it so effective is its adaptability to the situation just like GGM Cabales, he adapted to the what was happening at the moment. You can use all ranges !!
  7. jbyrd808

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    Look up Micheal Coconis at He is a 2nd Level Instructor under Master Tacosa. He lives there in the Pheonix area. If he asks tell him one of Virgil's students pointed you in his direction.
  8. geezer

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    Thanks. I've never met Michael, but he has posted here from time to time, and others have said good things about his technique. I noticed that on the "little stick..." thread, he stated that Serrada has no middle range. Does that mean that there are no middle distance techniques, or rather that the objective is to move in to corto as soon as possible. Hopefully, somebody can clarify this.

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