Serrada in Hercules,Ca ?

Discussion in 'Serrada' started by jdc2003, Feb 12, 2008.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows about serrada being taught in Hercules? A relative of mine said they saw a flyer for serrada escrima in Hercules but did not get me any of the details like contact info!! Can anyone help?
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    Is there a good website for finding serrada schools?
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    It could be'Stickman' he is in that area, he was trained by both Anthony Davis & GGM Angel Cabales. Or it could Prof. James Hundon who used to teach in Richmond he was certified by Sultan Uddim(he is a graduate of Angel Cabales) Don't have a phone number to call him but his blog id called "Stickman's Escrima Blog" there you could e-mail him.[​IMG]
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    I found out that a vincent cabales teaches out of hercules. I saw the school contact on FMA Digest. I have emailed asking for location and times and am still waiting for the response.

    StixMaster thanks for the info.
    James Hundon out of Richmond? I remember attending a grand opening for a dojo out in Richmond a few years back. Was Wally Jay there? Or is it a different Hundon?

    What can you tell me about Vincent Cabales?

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

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    yes Master Vincent Cabales JR. was teaching in Hercules, but is about to open a school with Me in antioch,CA

    Guro Carlos Aguilar
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    How are things going for you?

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