Serrada Eskrima Gathering at Legacy Tournament Stockton,CA - Feb 20, 2010

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    Serrada Eskrima Gathering at Legacy Tournament in Stockton , CA
    Feb. 20, 2010

    Escrima Seminars and Tournament Feb. 20-21stThe United States FMA
    Federation is hosting a two-day event this coming February 20-21st in
    Stockton California. The Saturday portion consists of nine scheduled
    seminars through the day, followed by a tournament on Sunday. With five
    seminar slots scheduled with different.......
    graduate students of the late grandmaster Angel Cabales, this event
    should be of particular interest to Serrada eskrima practitioners, bringing
    together for the first time these instructors, representing over 125
    years of collective experience in this system
    .San Joaquin Delta College Blanchard Gymnasium 5151 Pacific Ave. Stockton,, CA 95050

    Let us have another Serrada Eskrima gathering at this Legacy Tournament to honor the Legacy Of GGM Angel Cabales
    Registration starts at 8:00 a.m. at The Hilton in Stockton Seminar Registration Contact: Darlene Tibon 986-4617 or 464-3701 2323 Grand Canal Blvd | Stockton, CA 95207 Direct: 209-956-1311 | Main: 209-956-1310 | Fax: 209-956-1312 Price: $25 per seminar or $80 for all.
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    Seminars & Gathering at Stockton Hilton Saturday Feb 20 th !!
    Tournament on Sunday Feb 21st is at the College!!
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    GM Darren Tibon (Angel's
    Disciples-Serrada), GM Tasi Alo (GKT- WSEF) and Sensei Roger
    Gehring (GKT) giving the WSEF Honorary Grand Master to GM Darren Tibon at the Legacy Tournament in Stockton,CA this was awarded to Darren Tibon for all he has done for GGM Angel
    Cabales , his family and Serrada Escrima, I consider he... and WSEF GM Davis as the main stays of
    Cabales Serrada Eskrima motivating us all to unite as Serrada brothers
    to Honor the Legacy of GGM Angel Cabales/Serrada Escrima !
    Also GM Tasi was named co-GM of WSEF !
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    Any tournament results.
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    Results will be posted in FMA Digest Tournament issue.
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